“Join the Life-Changing Challenge and Do Something New and Different

 Each Month for A Year”!

Shonda 12 New Things over coming fear of heights Ziplining in Puerto Vallarta.

(GLOBAL) – September 22, 2022 – World traveler Shonda Scott creates the infectious 12 New Things Journey Challenge that has resonated with many.

What started as a goal of 5, spring-boarded into thousands deciding to join the challenge with her to make an on-going lifestyle change. 

When we asked Shonda about the 12 New Things™️  Challenge, she says, “As part of my birthday celebrations in 2019, I created the 12 New Things™️ campaign, to do something new and different each month for a year, forcing me out of my comfort zone and embracing change in a fun, positive way. 12 New Things™️ has now become a lifestyle of evolution and renewal for me and others.”

Challenging yourself is one of the most important aspects of self-growth. Without challenge and change, there can be no progress or improvement.

Shonda 12 New Things finding peace on Reboot float.

Shonda 12 New Things discovering new places in the Maldives.

“We often talk about things that we want out of life, things we dream about, and that’s where it ends – with us talking about it. We’re not always willing to challenge ourselves, to step out of our comfort zone and actually make things happen. Change and challenge, doing things that scare or intimidate us might seem difficult, but it doesn’t have to be,” Shonda added.

Join Shonda on 12 New Things™️ lifestyle journey! You can watch for tips on 12 New Things™️ for you to try, hear her lessons learned, and learn how to share your 12 New Things™️journey. When sharing on social media, use hashtag #12newthings.

To join the 12 New Things Journey Challenge, click here

About Shonda Scott

In 2006, CEO Shonda Scott created 360 Total Concept as part of the solution by providing management services to organizations needing support in public relations, monitoring and compliance, logistics, and facilities management. 360 is headquartered in Oakland/Bay Area, with a national footprint.

360 has a portfolio of mega projects, which includes giants such as Uber, Kaiser Permanente, major transportation agencies, airports, and stadiums. 360 has provided support services such as creating diversity spending strategies, which has helped generate over $100 million reinvestment back into historically underserved communities and increase the utilization for small businesses.

In 2012, Shonda was appointed to President Obama’s Platform Committee. Based on her civic and community leadership, in 2006 Congresswoman Barbara Lee recognized Shonda as a CBC Young Leader. Shonda was inducted into Alameda County’s Women’s Hall of Fame in 2018 for her business acumen.

In addition to her entrepreneurial and civic work, Ms. Scott is the executive producer and host of a talk show “Spotlight with Shonda Scott,” a lifestyle show, highlighting local and national influencers and unsung heroes.

Shonda is a lifetime member of CAL/UCLA Alumni Association, active member of UCLA Bay Area Black Bruins Alumni Association and supporter of Arthur Ashe Foundation: