The cast members of WRATH, Michelle Williams, Romeo Miller and Antonio Cupo talks about working together and the lessons to be learned after watching the movie. Romeo speaks about walking in his spirituality and how he believes doing this movie helps him fulfill his purpose. He wants to show others how important it is to live in your purpose and not just chasing fame and glory. This is Michelle’s Williams first movie. This is also Michelle’s and Romeo’s first time working together after many years in the industry. They both says that it’s perfect timing, that’s “it’s God’s timing.”

Michelle chose this film because she loves everyone that is involved and that it’s a joy to work with the network, Lifetime, that everyone loves. She says she resonates with her character in many ways. She recalls the director telling her to go deeper and being open to releasing her tears publicly, something she doesn’t like to do. Antonio Cupo speaks on jealousy and how excited he was to play his character.  He hopes people can recognize similar characteristics within themselves and deal with them head-on.

WRATH premieres Saturday, April 16 at 8pm EST.

Photo courtesy of LifetimeTV