Resiliency rings true in everything she does, from motherhood to entrepreneurship – Yandy Smith-Harris’ story is a true testament of faith.

Everyone is quiet on set as media mogul Yandy Smith-Harris strikes a pose, looking straight on and confidently looks into the camera. She clearly commands attention in the room without saying a word. As the fan blows Yandy’s sleek hair, the brightly colored studded blouse bounces off her skin, and she breaks the silence, “Turn this up! I love this song!” It’s another powerful woman blasting through the speaker, Beyoncé. Yandy exudes power, strength, and success. Most couldn’t fathom her struggle balancing being a mother, wife, and a multi-business owner while her husband was away in prison, but like a phoenix, she rose. The self proclaimed CEO mom is the definition of resident and serves as an inspiration for women everywhere. Regardless of the circumstance, you can be unstoppable.

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Makeup by Tiffany Garlick 

Hair by Bryant Jamison

Styling by Vlad and Mia

Photography by Av Brown