Yella Beezy needs no introduction. Hailing from Dallas, Texas, the recording artist has since catapulted into the mainstream light, best known for hit singles “That’s On Me,” “Bacc At It Again,” and “Up One” featuring Lil Baby. Each release does exceptional numbers, and his devoted fanbase contributes to his streaming numbers daily. 

Fast forward to 2022, real name Markies Conway is feeling better than ever before, finally exonerated from all the false charges and accusations pitted against him. In fact, he makes it a point to emphasize that rapists and snitches are a huge no-go where he comes from, sticking to the G code in all facets of his life, not just music.

Now, he returns with his newest mixtape titled Bad Azz Yella Boy, warming up the streets until the release of his forthcoming album slated for November. Being this is his first project in 3 years, Yella Beezy can’t wait to keep dropping bangers for his fans, reminding them this is just the beginning of an era. In fact, he plans to drop a visual every week this month.

The cover art alone pays homage to legendary labels Cash Money and No Limit, with the project inspired by the late Yella Boy of U.N.L.V.

Sheen spoke with Yella Beezy virtually to discuss the new project, convos with Birdman, being exonerated from all his charges, and more!

You just dropped your mixtape, Bad Azz Yella Boy. How you feeling?

You dig. It’s just something to get people warmed back up, you know I ain’t dropped in 3 years damn near. Shit, it was something I can warm the streets back up for this other shit that’s finna go on.

Why so long?

Man, just getting out of different situations and handling some shit behind closed doors.

Is it label stuff or other stuff?

Shit, it was a little bit of both of them I think.

How are the fans feeling that you dropped? I’m sure they’re stoked. 

They fucking with it! Because I ain’t dropped in a long time, so muthafuckss been anticipating. I got a better response than what I thought. It’s been out 24 hours now, so I’ve been getting a good response from it.

Love the cover art inspired by Cash Money and No Limit, talk about being inspired by the OGs.

For some reason, I always wanted to do the Bad Azz Yella Boy remix, because you know my name. Shout out U.N.L.V., RIP Yella Boy. It just made perfect sense. When I recorded that song, we wanted to drop the album first. They said “man, let’s warm the streets up first. Let’s throw out a mixtape.” I’ve been sitting on 2.5, 3 years of just working, longer than that really. So it wasn’t too hard for me to put some shit on one CD. 

But at the same time, I was recording at the same time. Damn, what can we name this muthafucka? I went off the reference from U.N.L.V.’s Yella Boy, this makes perfect sense. It’s a mixtape too, so let’s drop it like that. 

The cover wise, I’m big inspired by Juvenile and B.G. I’m big inspired by the whole Cash Money, No Limit era. I always wanted to redo a cover like that, just wanted to get the old vibes. It all panned out and made sense at this time.

Did Birdman or Master P catch wind of the cover yet?

I was on the phone with Stunna the other day, that’s big bro. Matter of fact, it was Wednesday. I got him tatted on my leg and everything, he’s a big influence. 

You’re going to ask for some vocals for the deluxe or what?

You know me, we got something up our sleeve. I can’t say right now. That’s big bro, shout out to Mack Maine and everybody over there. Just know we got something up our sleeve.

Yella Boy was so behind your time too. You went back and listened to all the old school hip hop?

That’s what I grew up on, that old sound. I got multiple tattoos. No Limit, everybody that I grew up on like the Cash Money to UGK. N.W.A., Rap-A-Lot, all that shit tatted on my arm. I’ve been inspired. I really got an old soul. If it was me in the car by myself, other than the new shit we’ve been dropping or listening to some of the rappers I listen to now, I’ll get in the bitch and jam old No Limit, Cash Money, UGK, all day in the car.

You get to speak to Juvenile? I know he’s your favorite rapper.

I reached out to the Juvenile. I got their faces tatted on my leg, so that was our last conversation. I sent them over the cover too. I just sent some shit over to Mannie Fresh, so I’m tapped in like a motherfucker.

One thing you want fans to take away from the project?

I’m really just talking my shit. This is a warm up, because I haven’t dropped in a long time. This some warm up shit to get y’all started for the next shit. Hey man, take whatever you want to take from it.

I was bumping “DFWM,” what were you going through recording this one? And who’s not fucking with you?

Oh you know, everybody get in those ways were you feel it’s you against the world where aint nobody fucking with you. Then you got your muthasfuckas talking. You got your big haters. If I look hard enough, I’m pretty sure I got haters in the comments. I know you n*ggas don’t fuck with me, but you gon’ look. You on my shit, you gon’ go jam my shit. 

You gon’ try your best to hate and say anything, but guess what? The dickeaters, they still gon’ be in the comments. They still gon’ be talking about you. I know y’all don’t fuck with me, so fuck you. That’s just how it goes. It is what it is.

Was there a point in your career when those comments got to you?

Nah, I don’t really let that shit bother me. Of course, you probably see one that rubs you the wrong way or how the fuck these folks even thinking like that? I don’t know if they’re really thinking the shit or if they’re saying something to get a reaction out of a muthafucka, but I know they don’t know a n*gga in real life so I really don’t pay attention. I’m really a nonchalant type of person. I really don’t let a lot of shit get to me and if I do, you’ll never know. I don’t let shit bother me at all.

On the positive tip, talk about being exonerated from all your charges? 

Oh yeah, you know exonerated from that shit. For everybody who needs a dictionary, go look up the word exonerated. This wasn’t no plea or court buyout, I ain’t have to spend no money. None of that lame shit because I don’t do that. I was exonerated, so that means the DNA did not match up with what the feds had to say.

I ain’t gon’ say too much because they still try to flag you, twist up your words and try to have another lawsuit going with you. You know how that shit goes. Exonerated means I didn’t fit the lies that she was trying to tell them. And it was a lot of other lies that she was telling that they caught and knew from bullshit. It’s one of them situations, you catch a mothafucka up in some bullshit. DNA can exonerate you, I’m just saying.

It’s crazy because I really be feeling this shit happens to a lot of people, where bitches make up a bunch of shit and then the artist’s name get dragged. How were you mental health wise, going through that? 

That was one of the hardest periods in my life, only reason why because of what the case was. Where I’m from, you don’t want certain jackets on your back. You don’t want the snitch on your jacket. You don’t want the pedofile, you don’t want the child molestor. None of that, that’s lame shit. We don’t gotta do none of that.

It’s one of them situations, why am I going through this? I don’t even play them type games. It’s a blessing and a lesson, learn from your mistakes. Move differently from these groupies and hoes. Mothafuckas have hidden agendas, you gotta watch how you play it. You gotta let go and let God handle everything. You gotta put faith in God like “hey, you gotta get me through this. You see I’m in it, you know I’m innocent.” 

Shit, I’m cool. Even when I let that shit get me down for that couple days, I was back to myself the next couple of days. I got people around me, like my patnas, mama, grannies, aunties. “What you letting that get you down for? We know what’s going on. We got your back, we going to court for you.” I was in good spirits, I couldn’t let that shit get me down.

It sucks that someone could literally so easily make up false accusations, and the legal system really takes it seriously.

Yeah, it’s fucked up. They run with whatever being said, that’s the most fucked up part. Imagine if I wasn’t the person that I am, who can actually afford the legal fees and all this stuff to clear up my name? A lot of people be stuck. Especially a lot of athletes, they go through it more. 

A lot of athletes be on their journey: a spiteful female or whatever it is gets mad at them, then wants to throw their jacket on their back. Ruin their whole career. 3,4 years later after the fact, they’re no longer the person that they are. They’re not able to go forward because of the allegations. A lot of people want to turn it back against you, they’ll be lost in the sauce. 3 or 4 years later, you done found out this man is innocent, but his whole life has changed now. Ain’t no telling what type of person he on.

I saw you linked with Erica Banks, what’d that mean for Texas? 

Shout out to Erica, just some Texas shit going on. Shout out to everybody in Texas that’s putting on for me. [names all Texas rappers] Everybody from the Dallas area that’s going crazy. 

Anything else you want to let the people know?

Go get that shit, run them numbers up. “DFWM,” the newest video out right now. Go run this shit up. Bad Azz Yella Boy is the mixtape, not the album. This is the warm up program, because we finna hit y’all ass with some slaps in a minute. Go download this shit right now, some of the hottest shit. That shit charting too, go fuck with it.