Let’s look at the word “Boundaries” and the meaning which says, “A line which marks the limits of an area; a dividing line.”  Imagine connecting that will all relationships, either personal, professional, and even academic; you have to pull the line somewhere, right?

Boundaries have become an enormous catchphrase, but we don’t always understand how to place them in any situation sometimes. Some may view boundaries as a monarch of commitment. They’re simple guidelines in all relationships that allow us to clutch the feeling of healthy, innocent, and even access dissimilar portions of relationships. Having our limitations and respect can increase connections with other individuals.

As Black Women, we hold robust pride in ourselves on our spirit, journey, and power. But relating boundaries also gives us the refinement we need for the ultimate self-care. Not having limits indicates ways to access encouragement and support, making it more difficult for some individuals to make decisions. If you haven’t noticed while we make all decisions, it can be anxiety triggering and annoying, even tempting by all the things we may require doing; some things will decrease by the sidewalk sort of speak.

With the pandemic still occurring nationwide, has boundaries lines are created not only to keep us safe, securing the mental health that we may have left with stressful obligations like employment, education, and even personal commitments.  It’s essential to listen to your body; it’s one of the best ways to keep your mental stability together.  Especially for Black Women, we are so focused on our family, friends, or even significant other that may need us we forget to give space for ourselves until further notice.

“We are everyone’s everything, but when are we going to be that for ourselves.”