If you are up in your head and your attitude is off the chain, take a time-out and allow your best representative self to shine.

We have all been there, even more than a few of us would like to admit. Life happens. When it does you may or may not be ready to deal with it. Keeping calm when you want to blow the roof off the house may not be easy. Your peace of mind is what is important here. Yes, sometimes you just need to vent; you know, get things off your chest. But, when you find yourself doing a little too much and not being able to focus when you need to be taking care of business, you need a time-out. It’s time to place those crazy emotions of yours in time-out, if you know what I mean. Especially, if you are not looking to make any more of a mess of things than you already have. Move out of your own way.

There is nothing wrong with taking a moment or two before saying what is on your mind. But, know that once it’s out there, you will not be able to walk it back, take it back, or make it go away … right? If you are going to play the positive and confident position, you must play it well by putting your best representative of yourself out in front. Hey, no one is going to blame you if you do lose it … only you. I am a firm believer that we all have the power and the ability to decide who it is we want to be during challenging situations. Taking a time-out from your own overworked behavior and loose cannon attitude and mouth is not going to hurt anyone, not even you at the end of the day.

So, who is representing you? What version of yourself is out in front of the world? Are you displaying the best version of yourself or the worst version of yourself? We are flawed by our design … being human. With such a design comes a blend of emotions that we struggle with because of life events: sadness, depression, anger, regret, fear, jealousy, etc. Trust me when I say, each of these emotions are suited and tied to a representative of yourself. You will not be displaying your confident, representative self if you are walking around angry at the world and everyone in it. You can imagine what that version of your representative self would be like—hellish. Learn how to deal with those unsettled and out-of-balance emotions and feelings you live with daily. Life is not going to stop moving because you are upset. It is your responsibility to take charge of what and how you are feeling so that you are not walking around affecting and impacting everyone around you with your feelings. There may be something you feel the need to speak up about, but it may not be the right time or place. So, learn how to take deep breaths to calm down and usher in that confident and understanding representative self.

Take accountability for the role you may have played in something not working out in your favor. Pull back the need for beating yourself up by dwelling on negative things. Today is a new day! Give yourself credit for keeping your cool when you wanted to act up. Life is not always going to go the way you want it to go. So, when you feel the need to blow the roof by getting your emotions and feelings all worked up, know that you are bringing forth a representative that will not make you look good. No matter what is going on in your life, always put your negative representative in time-out and allow your confident and bold representative self to shine.

If you are looking to balance your emotions and feelings so that your best representative self is out and in front of the world, please check out my latest book and second release titled Breakthrough. The sooner you understand how to process your emotions and feelings, the happier you will become.