At 14-years-old, Madison Taylor has mastered the art of selling hydrating lotion. Taylor Beauty was created when Madison was only 13 years old with her Father, Bryan Taylor. With four delightful scents, Taylor Beauty is setting trends for other beauty companies to follow. Not only does Madison run a successful beauty company, she is also in school and participates in after school activities— all during a pandemic! There’s no doubt that the teen CEO has a lot more success coming her way. Taylor Beauty’s goal is to provide hydrating lotion all year round, for everyone in your family. Their sample quartet, which includes all four flavors, is perfect for the holidays. I got the chance to chat with Madison about her success and some advice for other young teens who want to start a business as well.

Taylor Beauty was founded when you were just 13 years old. How did you and your Father, Bryan Taylor, come up with the brilliant idea to create and sell hydrating lotion?

We came up with the idea of Taylor Beauty on a trip to Saint Martin, which is our home away from home. I approached my dad and said that I wanted to make my own lotion. I guess he listened and thought it might be a good idea. It did seem out of the ordinary for me because I love beauty products (self-proclaimed beauty junkie). We really just expanded the idea from there.

How do you balance being a young CEO with schoolwork and after school activities? Has it been challenging during the pandemic? 

 It is a challenge to balance everything, especially right now because I go to school part time and I have after school sports such as soccer – and hopefully, basketball season. After I finish all of my schoolwork and sports, I {hand} label the products and pack all of the online orders.

There’s no doubt that Taylor Beauty is on the rise. Tell us about how you came up with the perfect name for each scent and why you chose to make your products affordable.  

Peche is French for the word peach and Saint Martin has both a French and a Dutch side so we thought it was perfect for our very first flavor. Blue Razz was inspired by our (my dad and I) love for blue raspberry candies. I had never seen a blue raspberry lotion on the market, so I thought it was a good idea. Strawberry Avocado is a good representation of some of our family favorites like strawberries and guacamole. Coconut Kiwi came from me combining different fruits together to see if they sounded good and that’s what I came up with. Coming up with flavors is one of my favorite aspects of the business! I’m a teenager so I wanted anyone purchasing the lotions, even if that meant with allowance money, to be able to indulge.

What advice do you have for other young teens who dream of starting a business?

One piece of advice that I have for young girls is that if you decide you want to start a business make sure it is something you are passionate about because owning a business entails a lot of hard work.

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All images courtesy of Madison Taylor