Today’s a good day to be a fan of Alabama rapper Flo Milli. She just dropped her highly anticipated mixtape and as we expected it’s a flawless body of work.

The 20-year-old “In The Party” rapper set the tone for the vibes this weekend. The EP consists of 12 hot tracks including her hit singles, “Beef Flomix,” “In The Party,” and “Weak.”

The mixtape dropped at midnight and Flo Milli quickly became the number one trending topic on twitter.

Another reason why Milli was trending is because fans were showing their appreciation towards her beauty and style.

Flo Milli has made her mark in the music industry before this mixtape, but this body of work has definitely set the tone for what’s to come.

Soon, we’ll see her accept a plethora of awards for categories like “Best Female Rapper” and “Best New Artist.”


Featured Image obtained from the official Instagram of Flo Milli | photo by Leesy