If Ashley Rae Harper hasn’t attracted your attention yet, make sure your eyes stay open this year!

At age 18, she has already earned acting, directing, writing and producing credits. Most teens are struggling with school and life at this age, and she’s been doing that as well. But the same time she’s been paying her dues in the world of entertainment for the last four years.

This year, audiences will see more of Ashley Rae in several exciting roles.

She has an important part in “All We Got,” which premiered Feb. 3  on Amazon Prime and is currently streaming. In the film that’s already getting critical attention, a woman returns to her hometown after her mother’s death. Unpleasant circumstances and family dysfunction made her leave years before, but now she has to confront her past, make things right with her siblings and unify everyone in order to fulfill her mother’s dying wish.

Ashley Rae Harper plays “Young Renee” in some of the flashbacks that show audience the tension and drama from their shared past that still haunts this family today.

She felt the role was challenging and definitely took her out of her comfort zone, especially when it had her character dealing with vivid emotions, feelings and crazy childhood experiences that weren’t part of her world.

For instance, in real life, she loves her family and they love her. She credits them with being supportive about her entertainment career and always being excited about whatever role she has or project she’s working on.

Audiences may have seen her in “By Day’s End,” a fast-paced dramatic thriller that came out in 2020, and she also has a role in the pilot for “Salem High.”

Behind the camera, she took on directorial, writing and producing duties for “Am I Lost?” an interesting teen drama with creative and surprising twists.

She credits the pandemic with keeping her at home, but also creating opportunities to get creative and come up with new project ideas.

Ashley Rae Harper has plenty of dreams but also tries to stay true to her cool self.

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Featured Image by Manikin Agency