“You have the power to change lives. Your unique story and experiences can help others who are facing similar challenges. When you share your knowledge, you empower others to take control of their lives and create positive change,” said Tam R. Luc. This is her mantra and her battle call to help women “boss up.” Her mission is to help superwomen to soar!

This prolific writer has several best-selling books under her belt and a children’s series too. Through the successful BossUp franchise Tam plans to publish 250 versions of the best sellers with titles like “Latinas Who BossUp,” “Asian Trailblazers Who BossUp,” “International Women of Color Who Boss Up,” and for those who need a shift: “Women Who Boss Up Post Pandemic.” Tam knows women shape our world, and she amplifies their voices and contributions to society through this endearing series.

As the Founder of Women with Vision International, Tam says it’s her mission to “Help Women Soar!” Through her coaching sessions, writing courses, publishing house, and international events, Tam is impacting the world. This melanated 5’11 beauty is a spokeswoman for success in every area, from business insights to love.

In her book, “The Right End of the Chase,” Tam unveils the secrets to finding the right man and making him commit. She is a powerhouse in publishing, but her end goal is to see women made whole and, more importantly, to find their purpose. Through her mastermind classes and award-winning books, she encourages women to seek the answer to this question: “What is this thing you have in your soul that you need to bring out?”

Tam’s purpose is evident as her readers are transfixed by her every word, drawn in by her transparent storytelling style. In her books and speeches, Tam shares her arduous journey to packed out platforms throughout the country.

The one-time divorcee and single mom shares how she lost her marriage and financial well-being in an instant. In that state of despair when she was unhoused and sleeping on a friend’s couch, she had her AHA moment that her “story has the power to change people’s lives.”

Despite that dire situation, she soon found she had the gift of writing, and now her tales of resilience have manifested into a worldwide following. Research shows women are starting businesses in record numbers, and Tam has a message for go-getters ready to shift into fifth gear.

Tam tells clients, “Until you know what you are trying to say and what your message is for this world, it will not give you the energy you need to sustain the hard part of the business.” She adds, “Business isn’t easy,” and that is why organizations such as Women with Vision International are vital to the success of women business owners.

She has been an entrepreneur and investor since 2002. Being raised by two successful entrepreneurs, she always desired to create the exact same lifestyle as her parents. But she struggled for seventeen years as a side hustling entrepreneur “Stuck like Chuck” in a job she hated. No time for all the things that were important to her until she figured out what was really holding her back. And this was it.

“What the hell are you here to say?” and everything changed.

“I’m excited to have birthed a movement to help women move from being the world’s best kept secret to being known for the valuable work they do,” said Tam R. Luc.

Tam’s latest endeavor is the popular Women Who Boss Up Summit. The virtual event is coming this October and promises to teach attendees how to scale their business and collaborate with others. Women “bosses” in attendance will have the opportunity to network, learn from top experts, and create new opportunities for themselves and their businesses.

This is just one of the many ways Tam is helping women reach their highest potential.. Check out her website to find out more about her writing courses, books and events.

Feature and Images submitted by Pam Perry PR