It is a fact that people of color are underrepresented in the legal profession, Black women lawyers represent about 5% of the entire legal population that includes lawyers and administrative staff members, so it can be incredibly refreshing to find someone like South Carolina’s own Shaquana Cuttino because she’s mastered the art of law all while making a firm commitment to being a leader in her community.

As the owner of Cuttino Law, she’s a unicorn in the way that she covers a multitude of legal disciplines. One of her sole purposes is to ensure that her community receives quality legal representation, from a person who understands their needs fully.

“I never wanted to be the kind of lawyer who was in one form of practice areas.  And you’re not as serviceable to your community as you should be. SoI practice in the area of family law, criminal defense, personal injury, complex civil litigation, entertainment law including IP brand protection, you name it, I pretty much do it all. “

Community is a word we’re often familiar with, but few people put it to action at the level that Cuttino does, so we asked her what she believed her personal definition of what community means.

“If I were to define it, it would consist of the people in my immediate grasp. But if I’m going, to be honest with myself my community expands beyond South Carolina, the people I’m connected with are people I’ve shared similar experiences with.”

The 2022 South Carolina’s Leaders in Law awardee was always told as a child that she would be a journalist or a lawyer, but it wasn’t until she was in college that she realized that she had a keen interest in the profession.

With all that she does, we wanted to know if Cuttino was taking the time to have a work-life balance. She shares, “I own a travel agency, and I enjoy traveling. So, when I’m on vacation, I’m not working.  Additionally, as a wife and mom of 4, she enjoys her family. She beams with joy as she mentions her family. “I come home to my kids and I’m in heaven”

Another thing we just had to know as it related to Cuttino is her success, with multiple businesses and community work with her Our Little Princess Incorporated non-profit, a law firm, and family, does she feel as though she’s excelling in all areas?

“I will say that in the three years my law office has been open I haven’t lost a case. Within my travel business, there’s a marketing component. I was awarded my ruby ring, indicating that I’m earning a quarter of a million dollars annually in residuals part-time and my kids are excelling, healthy, and happy. 


I’m far from perfect, and in life you can’t be great at everything every day.  But I prayed for a lot of these things. I think I’m excelling. I prayed to eat, so I’m not going to complain about having a lot on my plate. We have one life to live, your life is your movie, and you get to decide what happens in your movie. I’m making my movie.”

Images provided by Dr. Cuttino

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