Yung Bleu is a multi-Platinum, Grammy-nominated singer, songwriter, producer, recording artist, and now entrepreneur. Today, the Mobile, Alabama native is excited to announce the official launch of his new venture, Moon Boy University. 




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Yung Bleu has been working night and day on building out this new content development facility, recording studio, and creative hub. Based in Atlanta, Moonboy University takes over 24,000 square feet, offering marketing, distribution, and management services for both artists and influencers.

Set to rival influencer powerhouses such as Viral Nation and Hype House, Moon Boy University recently acquired high-profile clientele such as country artist Kirk Jay, comedian Grasa100, and more. Their slogan is “a home for all creators,” offering the same services you would receive at a major label.

Bleu states, “Many influencers have a great following, but sometimes we lack the resources to create a professional production. Professional production costs. They have amazing ideas, We come in on the content development side to where okay, you got the following. You got ideas, you just need to have the backing. We’ll shoot whatever you want to do. Let’s come up with cool ideas with our creative and marketing team, and actually produce .”

Moonboy University first began as a record label and studio. As Bleu began building, he realized the potential in utilizing this vast space and building out every department. From there, he added two management arms.

Joining Moon Boy University is reminiscent of signing to a major label, but you’re still able to retain ownership.

“You’re not giving in to what the major label would want,” Bleu explains. “On the other side, another agency will connect you to stuff, but they’re not really touchable. Not only do we have branding, but we have a hub to where you can come down and meet with our team in person. All other creators. Our team is tangible and touchable, that’s what sets us apart.

Beyond the services offered, Bleu offers his own personal relationship to Moonboy University, strategizing and offering advice based off his own experiences in the music industry. His goal is to maximize your potential, giving you resources to fully execute your content while monetizing your content. He also pledges to spend $1 million towards content production over the next two years.

Bleu adds, “Other agencies don’t necessarily invest in your idea. They’ll take what you’re doing and maximize it, but they’re not investing in your shit. Someone came and invested in Funny Marco’s shit, that’s when you saw his production go from this to that. That’s when it blew up. That’s what we’re doing with other influencers with a following, basically betting on it.”

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