The youthful Zeddy Will returns on a serious note with his latest single, “Can’t Go Broke,” featuring Babyfxce E. In the song, Zeddy Will proclaims that he prefers to stay out of the mix and that it’s impossible for him to go broke. Zeddy confronts how people want to start drama with him, but he would rather focus on his personal goals than flip out at a studio over the petty drama.
He raps, “Bad B*****s in the B&B, I’m okay with that. N*****s hear your song and turn it off, we don’t play it back. I’m waiting on my money, why you playing? Just pay it back.  And no we not together, why the fuck you saying together?” Bxbyface E, who has 270k followers on Instagram, provides a verse about how he runs up a check and stays out of the mix.




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