Your bedroom is the ultimate private space that can define you as a person. For a lot of people, their bedroom is one of the few places where they can relax fully, so why not take this a step further and turn your bedroom into an oasis? You can use it as a comforting place that is good for your mental wellbeing.

Creating A Calming Smell

The scent of your bedroom will have such an impact on its overall feel, in the same way a nice smelling spa feels relaxing. If you want to make your bedroom smell beautiful, try a diffuser for a large room, which will be effective at making the whole room smell amazing for a prolonged period. These come in all different scents, so whether you are looking for something floral or fruity, you are in for a treat.

Keep It Tidy And Clean

Keeping your bedroom tidy and clean is really essential for making it into the relaxing oasis that you are seeking. This includes having no clutter on the floors or surfaces, hoovering it regularly, and making sure your bed is made, with fresh sheets. Having a tidy bedroom is often reflective of your mental state, so do it for your benefit!

Go For A Relaxing Color

The color of your room should be calming and not stressful if you want to emulate a spa-like setting. Usually, going for a light, pastel color is best for this. It is proven that light colors such as pale blue or green are ideal for relaxing, whereas brighter colors like red often signify a warning color – which may be stressful. Here is some inspiration for your wall colors.

Besides,  the right furniture color is also important. In case your walls are not in bright colors, think of incorporating them into your furniture, like choosing a blue or green bed. Whatever you do, try to be accurate in your design.

Get Some Great Lighting

Lighting can transform a room – with mood lighting or lamps making it look like a completely different space. This is a lot less intense than just having your main light on – low-level lighting is good for creating a calming atmosphere, which is exactly what you want for your oasis!

Put On Some Background Music

All of your senses should be considered, including the sounds of your bedroom. When you are in there, to make sure there isn’t complete silence, background music can be used. Even if this is super quiet, it can be comforting to have some noise rather than total silence to listen to when alone.

Buy A Yoga Mat

Yoga Is proven to be great for your mental health, so why not buy a yoga mat so that you can do it each morning and evening? This is the perfect way to start the day – so watch a couple of videos and follow along if you are a beginner.

Open Your Window In The Morning

Fresh air is also vital for your mental health. Even if it is a little chilly outside, opening your window even just for ten minutes each morning will allow fresh air to flood into the room. This is also good for your physical health and will prevent your room from becoming stuffy.

Follow all of these steps and your room will be one of your favorite places – helping you relax and sleep when you are in there!