It is rare that a track comes out of nowhere and hits you the very first time you hear it in a world of sensory brilliance. Hip Hop duo Duality have certainly achieved that and more with their debut track “Ketamine,” which is now accompanied by a music video. The music video matches the words of the track perfectly and continues to push the narrative of the song forward.

“Our passion for music comes naturally, it’s never been a choice nor did an event trigger it,” the duo said in a recent interview. “We’ve gravitated towards music as the preferred art form to express ourselves for as long as we can remember. The inspiration comes from life’s events; sometimes in the lyrics we may embellish but 100% of it comes from real-life experiences and realizations which keep us true to who we are as people.”Silky smooth and infectiously organic, the groove is laid back, melodic, and an unbelievable journey into the more sophisticated side of what the genre has to offer.

Borrowing from the masters of Soul and RnB, the intricacy of their flow and their intelligent use of layered vocals, rhymes, and harmonies is the tonic the world has been waiting for. Group members Daigeau and Lou.M are based out of Los Angeles and yet their music moves far beyond the glitz, glamor, and bling the city is known for.

Produced by Ashton McCreight, every element of Ketamine realizes Duality’s ambition of making music that touches the soul. Referencing artists like D’Angelo, you can get a sense of how the pair view the world. Soulful and yet complex, both rappers dance around each other in a vocal display which is a gift that keeps on giving.

Include a remix by DON DR3 which further liquefies the spirit, Ketamine is the drug that will satisfy any addiction. The occupying territory that only the greats can stand in, Duality is repping a style that will undoubtedly appeal to audiences far and wide.

Drop into the K Hole with Duality, If Ketamine is the drug, then they are the cure. Watch the music video for “Ketamine” below.