If you haven’t heard of Because of Them We Can, get ready because we’re about to change the way you look at subscription boxes. The monthly subscription box was created in an effort to celebrate and teach Black history all year-round, not just in the month of Februrary. In her effort to celebrate and amplify Black culture and community, Eunique has used her authentic voice within her space to reach people across the nation through her network. In our exclusive interview with the founder, we wanted to discuss the idea behind the genius idea, why it’s so important to her, and much more.

What inspired the creation of Because of Them We Can Box?

The Because of Them We Can campaign started off where we photographed children and that went viral! People loved it and wanted a way to see their own child or children reimagined in the same way that we were doing the photographs. I thought the best way to do that would be to not only provide artifacts, props, and materials to help their children transform but also learn about these figures via a consistent black history box in the form of a subscription.

Tell us about the idea to feature important themes for each BOTWC box to educate people around the world on Black history.

I think that black history is so expansive. It should definitely be taught, talked about, and reflected upon beyond the confined month of February. When we started thinking about how to take these young people on a journey, we just thought about how every month there is something. We just recently did the John Carlos and Tommy Smith box for the Summer Olympics. We did the Harlem Renaissance, Muhammad Ali, just recently John Lewis passed away, so we did a John Lewis box. We try to do things that are timely and relevant based on the time that we’re living in and that would also help children make means of what we’re currently experiencing as a country. Young people are learning about protests, the individuals that have protested in the past, and how to advocate for themselves and use their voice like people who have advocated for others in the past. The box is a perfect way to help them do that in a tangible and engaging way so that they’re having fun with what they’re doing.

Why are you so committed to celebrating culture and community?

I am committed to celebrating culture and community because it was something that was always celebrated in my home. It was something that was impressed upon my sister and I when we were as young children to appreciate who we are and where we come from. I realize that not everyone has that foundation and appreciation. I think that we celebrate a number of things as a country and community, but we don’t celebrate us enough. I am always on the hunt, exploring, and looking for ways to celebrate black culture, our accomplishments, and our contributions. There isn’t a person on this earth who does not benefit from them. We don’t all celebrate and acknowledge them the same. I feel like it’s a part of my purpose to do just that.

photo by Melena DeFlorimonte

What do you hope to accomplish through your brand in the years to come?

I hope that people learn and seek out opportunities to celebrate who they are. It’s important to celebrate other individuals in the black community. I hope it helps dismantle the stereotypes and pure ignorance when it comes to black folks. More importantly, I hope talking about our accomplishments, the joy and magic of everyday black people will show that it is not something rare or unique. It’s expected, something that is normal. I hope that as a result, we build stronger children and communities as a result of that work.

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