black history

February 28th, 2019: Black Panther Becoming a Major Milestone in History

February 24th, 2019: Halle Berry, the First Black Woman to Win an Academy Award for Best Actress

February 22nd, 2019: The Queen of Soul, Aretha Franklin

February 21st, 2019: The First Animated Sitcom with a Black Cast as Its Lead Characters, The Proud Family

February 20th, 2019: Arsenio Hall, The First Black Late-Night Talk Show Host!

February 19th, 2019: Boxing’s Most Celebrated Athlete, Muhammad Ali

February 17th, 2019: The First African American to Host a Nationwide Show, Nat King Cole

February 16th, 2019: Prominent African America Scientist and Inventor, George Washington Carver

February 12th, 2019: The Founding of the NAACP

Black American History, from Plantations to Rap Culture