In honor of Black History Month, co-founders, Kelvin and Delisa Kelley of Upminders are celebrated for providing mental wellness through uplifting art and accessories.

Kelvin and Delisa have been fighting a winning battle against depression for 30 years. Their mission now is to provide millions of dollars to help others in their fight for mental wellness.

Delisa opens up about her journey with bipolar disorder and her treatments. She recalls experiencing symptoms of manic depression nearly 36 years ago.

She says, “Destigmatizing mental health issues is no easy feat. It begins with the conversation, which is a great start.”

The husband-and-wife entrepreneurs, married for 42 years, are committed to bringing attention to the topic of mental health through their successful business, Upminders.

According to Mental Health America from 2019 – 2020, 20.78% of adults were experiencing a mental illness. That is equivalent to over 50 million Americans.

About Upminders

Upminders is a creator and manufacturer of uplifting and encouraging art and accessories whose mission is to uplift lives through encouragement and mental wellness. For more information visit, or contact via email, or telephone, 424.244.1390.