May is Mental Health Awareness month and Actress, Producer and Executive Film Director Vivica A. Fox teams up once again with mogul Entrepreneur Kym Feltus for Conversations with Kym. This star-studded event provides a targeted platform with multiple segments and stages covering health, wealth, mental health and domestic violence awareness.

COVID and its after-math sunk its teeth into the best of us. Come be revived and enjoy this FREE virtual event and chat it up with your favorite stars like Hill Harper, Trina Braxton, Isaac Hayes III, Tweet, Mark Coley, Byron Cage, Eva Marcille and others. Relax with soul-stirring gospel music and your favorite R&B sensations.

Whether you’re in need of spiritual leveling or mind, body and soul enrichment, you can find it here at the Conversation with Kym event, Saturday, May 15, 2021 at 12pm. Register for FREE at  SHEEN caught up with Queen Hosts Vivica and Kym and here’s what they had to say.

Good morning Vivica how are you?

Vivica: I am blessed blessed.

SHEEN: Kym please talk about the vision for the conference and how it all came about.

Kym: Wow you know Vivica and I came together in 2016 actually. She heard my story and an event that I had and she said she wanted to help and build awareness. She said she would use her platform and she has literally kept her word. This year with the pandemic and the COVID, we saw a rise in domestic violence numbers and sickness. So I decided to put on this virtual empowerment event. I asked Vivica to come back and she said absolutely. So we’re here now to not just be the voice for the voiceless, but to really understand domestic violence. So we have men and women this time who can come together and heal as a community and understand each other.

COVID forced all of us to stop and increase our levels of self-care. Vivica tell us how you did this for yourself.

Vivica: As you said, COVID hit us all really hard. We basically lost a year. And for myself it was a time for me to be still. You know I am a busybody. So self-care really came into play for me. I refused to get COVID-fluffy honey. I looked in that mirror one day and I was like oh my goodness, who is that behind me and it was me. And then with business, I basically had to learn how to work. I started to have ZOOM and streamline shows. So now I have two shows—Cocktails with Queens and The Screening Room. We started doing interviews and so I started seeing myself. So that was motivation for me to take better care of myself, exercise, drink my water, push back from the table and just learn ways to be more creative. It taught me to be positive and figure out ways to keep moving forward during this pandemic.

Also we normally do this event in person. We have lots of people there. We give out phones and we do workshops. So now we are doing it virtually. There will be a star-studded line up. We’re gonna bring a little church, some gospel and it will be very inspirational.

Talk about some of the stars who will join you this year. 

Kym: So of course we have Eva Marcille who’s a survivor and Tyler Lepley. I asked Tyler to join us because he plays a roll on P-Valley where he is helping a friend through domestic violence. So having a male perspective was important for me. We have Trina Braxton. We have a gospel line up that is out of this world. We have Dorinda Clark Cole and Byron Cage. We have Latrice Ryan who’s going to speak a powerful word on beauty for ashes. And then we have different stages. We have a chat form that we’re using called ‘hop-in’. It is extremely interactive. HBO and STARZS all use this platform and it allows for a level of interaction for the registrants to actually feel like they are part of this. That was important for us. We wanted them to leave impacted. We have our virtual Black Wallstreet in which Hill Harper will be part of that. We have two black women who are venture capitalists, which I think is very important because it’s very rare to see black women who are venture capitalists who provide seed money for start-ups. We have a health and wellness stage, domestic violence stage and our main stage with Vivica Fox and she is going to bring the sauce. I’m excited to have this for our community and our culture, especially post pandemic. How do we recover and move forward.

This is Mental Health Awareness month. There are men who are victims who victims of domestic violence. There are black men who are in therapy. There are men who are actively healing so having that male perspective is key. How have you blocked out all of the noise?

Vivica: Girl there was a lot of noise going on. Every day is just seemed like it was bad news bear coming through. And then when you when you run into people who don’t want to cooperate, who don’t want to wear a mask or get vaccinated. It was like y’all we have to get vaccinated. When I got vaccinated, I shared it on social media immediately. Honey I did a whole little vaccination dance in front of everyone. I just wanted our country to get back on track so we can start living again. The event is from 12pm to 4pm EST. And I will share that this weekend—get vaccinated.  Do what you need to do, so that our community can get better.

What have been your rituals Kym?

Kym: Honestly the pandemic made me slow down. We get so busy and then we don’t deal with the issues. So it made me face issues. I found myself back in therapy. Actually my therapist is on the health and wellness stage and so is my trainer. I feel like those two things together are important with your mental health. The physical drive to do better in your workouts, it stimulates your brain and helps with depression. It was important for me to add this piece to the stage.

Vivica: I got really into lighting my candles, watching things on TV that were positive and praying a lot. I also moved into a new house. So got into my pool and started swimming since the gyms were closed. And just waking up every day to be positive.


Is there a cost for the conference?

Vivica: It’s free. It’s free. We do want people to make donations because we are giving back to the community. Go to This Saturday, May 15, 12pm to 4pm EST.