Sonovia Williams


2020 definitely took a toll on the entire world but I will say this….God has never and will never lose control. He still sits on the throne. Although we have all suffered some type of loss, this year also caused us to look deep within ourselves to be reshaped, redefined and remolded. 2020 was the worst year and best year of my entire life. I found myself because I found God. Although it felt as if He had taken away my world, He reintroduced Himself in my life so that He could be by world. I stopped focusing on my problems and focused on the problem solver.


“Remind yourself that you are fearfully and wonderfully made. You are an heir to the Most High God. There is nothing too hard for Him and nothing He wouldn’t do for you. The enemy already knows how valuable you are. He just hopes you never find out for yourself. Too late!! Today is that day!”



Drink a glass of water before any meal. This will not only flush your system but it allows your stomach to feel fuller before indulging in useless carbs and sugar. My motto is to drink your water and mind your business. It hasn’t failed me til this day.