Tasha Bailey


As strange as it sounds, I believe that our inner child has so much wisdom to give. The child within reminds us how to find and hold onto joy. With the year we have had, every inch of joy is precious right now. So I would like to give you permission to be playful and spontaneous again. Seek moments of joy and nurture in every day that comes. Allow yourself to use art, creativity, music, and movement to develop a relationship with peace and healing. Though we talk about stress and trauma in a cognitive way, it all happens the body. So that’s where the healing starts.


“Let’s be real, growth is painful. But after pain, healing is invited.” – Self


Imagine the five year old version of you. Would you speak to them the way that you currently speak to yourself? Would you place the same expectations on them that you place on yourself now? Reflect on this and journal about what you noticed. How will you start to honor your inner child the way that they deserve?