Teia Burroughs
Journalist |Media Consultant |Entrepreneur


My advice to those that are looking to renew in this New Year, in any area, especially following the traumatic and tumultuous year that we’ve had, would be to take some time to self-reflect and be clear and honest with yourself about where you are and what it’s going to take to get to where you need to be. Make a clear and concise plan for moving forward and be diligent about creating a new reality for yourself.


“In order to have something new and different, something in and about you has to be new and different.”


My exercise consists of a few different things that I do every single morning.

  • I wake up and I pray over my household and family.
  • Then I spend some time in meditation. Spending this time a solitude prepares me for the day ahead of me and helps me to self-check as challenges arise as my day progresses.
  • I then take out my journal and I write out very specifically intentionally what I see for myself. Prayer. Mediation. Journaling. Visualization.