Kelli Ferrell


“Think Outside The Box” last year was the year of change….and change doesn’t come easy, especially when it’s not planned. But you learn how to pivot with the times. I had to get very creative when it was time for me to reopen…The first thing was adhering to the new guidelines, we weren’t able to open up our dining room, but we were able to offer curbside. Which was hard for us because our guest came because of the food, but it was also the culture and the experience (interacting with the staff) . So I decided to figure out how to still be us “Nana’s” So I decided to create a unique and fun customer experience that still gave guests the feeling that they were still inside. I created a “Car Brunch” So we posted a flyer and told guests what to expect…We had a live DJ outside, and guests could vibe just like they would on a typical weekend at Nana’s….& we had a Blast, customers were coming from all over to line up in the parking lot, before you know people were hosting birthday celebrations outside, and calling to see the next time the DJ would be playing outside.


“I’m Successful In Everything I Do, I Got This!”

Everyday I speak over my business…I bless the parking lot to the roof of the building and everyone that walks through that door.


(Laughs) My staff has gotten use to be saging down on Sunday…. We call it “Sage Sunday” and generally after we close on Sunday’s. I sage every area inside and out and release anything negative that may have happen during that week, and that what get us  prepared for a new week new energy, and new beginnings. It’s so crazy that now, if I’m not there to do it themselves.