“Appreciate where you are, while working towards where you desire to be.”


After losing over 150lbs through a healthier diet and exercise, strength training has allowed me to sculpt the body I desire. Here’s a workout that can be done anywhere with no equipment. Get ready to work up a sweat.

10 side bends, each side

20 body weight squats

15 situps

10 push-ups (can be done modified from the knee)

30 second wall sit

30 second plank

1 minute rest

Repeat 6 times


I wanted to show my family and friends that a plant-based diet does not have to be boring. My jerk tofu kabob’s are a hit at all of the gatherings. They are great straight off the grill, paired with rice or served over a bed of mixed greens.

Deeanna Halstead
IG: Deeannasfitjourney