One of the main reasons fitness has become such a major part of my life is: because I want my body to be able to take me everywhere God has planned for me to go. We all have specific and unique purposes in our lives… A reason why God created us to be exactly who we are as individuals. I want to live up to the full potential of my purpose.. and I believe a huge part of doing that is; taking care of my wellbeing emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically.

Faith without works is dead .. so while I have faith in where God is taking me – I work hard to match my faith with the work of self-love by taking care of my temple and preparing myself across-the-board.


I like to start my workouts by doing 40 minutes of cardio on the treadmill. I usually slow jog on an incline to activate muscles in my legs, butt, and stomach.

Each workout I either focus on the upper or lower body.

For an upper-body workout focusing on my arms and back I lift light weights. The weights are never more than 10 pounds so that I don’t get too bulky, but still tone. I usually use 5 to 10 pounds depending on the arm exercise. I do 3 reps of each arm exercise 15 to 20 pumps.

For my stomach, I do various leg lifts activating different muscles in my stomach. going straight up over my head bringing it down slowly. Chris crossing my legs just above the ground without letting them touch the ground. Swing my legs in an aerial motion over my entire body to activate all of my muscles to bring it back down to the center. I do 3 reps of these various stomach activations before I change my positions.


Meanwhile; I usually don’t eat before I start my cardio. You burn while doing cardio it’s better to start from a “minus” than to have had food before your cardio that you now have to burn off “before” you can burn off the food from yesterday.

I instead have a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar to help speed up the burning process.

Afterward, I’ll have a protein shake.

A meal for me afterward; would be a lean protein such as seafood or chicken. I really love tuna sandwiches but modify the ingredients using Vegenaise instead of mayonnaise and things like nine-grain healthy bread instead of white bread.

I snack throughout the day on nuts and fruit. I also try different things to see what I like. But in doing that I am always being mindful of reading the back of the packaging to see how much-hidden sugar it could possibly contain and if I still want to consume it.

I definitely don’t believe that we shouldn’t completely deprive ourselves. So I make sure that whatever sugar I eat is something that I truly want at the proper time of day to be active enough to burn it off.

Meagan Good
IG: meagangood