Award-winning music producer, acclaimed syndicated radio personality, and philanthropist, Frank Ski, has released Climate Change, a captivating nine-track ambient soundtrack inspired by The Frank Ski Kids Foundation’s(FSKF) unforgettable expeditions across the globe. The first single to debut from his passion project “Amazon Sunrise (Lovely Day),” was released on Earth Day on his label, Future Sights and Sounds.
“For 20 years now, I’ve been taking students worldwide to endangered locations impacted by climate change. During these expeditions, we study the negative effects of climate change on our planet and work through solutions to mitigate the dangers that impact these places. While these places are in peril, they are in many ways still breathtaking landscapes and unforgettable experiences,” shares Frank Ski. “The compositions from Climate Change initially started as journal entries and recordings capturing the sights, smells, and sounds of each location. The recordings were then turned into an artistic musical homage capturing these majestic places, not just visually, but also through the power of evocative sound.”
Climate Change is a unique artistic endeavor that takes listeners on a 9-song captivating sonic voyage through diverse landscapes immersing you in the sights and sounds Frank encountered during these scientific expeditions. The first single, “Amazon Sunrise (Lovely Day),” opens with the sweet sound of chirping birds captured in the Amazon Rainforest offering a glimpse into the project’s captivating soundscape. A modern interpretation of Bill Withers’ iconic 1977 classic, “Amazon Sunrise (Lovely Day),” is a sonic representation of the promise of a beautiful new day.
“One of The Frank Ski Kids Foundation’s first expeditions was to The Amazon Rainforest. I remember walking through the rainforest one morning with a cup of coffee, marveling at the sights, sounds, and smells of the jungle. As I looked up at the azure sky, the feeling of being there reminded me of a Bill Withers song, ‘Lovely Day,’ so I made a modern-day rendition of the song originally recorded by Withers in 1977.”
On each song, Frank Ski meticulously captures the essence of each visited country and region, documenting his experiences through music. The songs represent a deeply personal unique musical soundscape of his experiences, created with love, reverence, and appreciation for nature, the Earth, and its inhabitants.
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