In the realm of personal growth and financial empowerment, Stormy Wellington, also known as Coach Stormy, shines as a beacon of inspiration and resilience. Rising from the depths of adversity as a high school dropout, she has defied all odds to become a renowned wealth coach and motivational speaker. Stormy’s journey is imbued with the transformative power of self-belief and unwavering faith in a higher power, which have served as her guiding lights through life’s trials and triumphs. With nearly 2 million followers, Stormy is creating a ripple effect in the world by imparting valuable lessons on self-love and entrepreneurship through her upcoming podcast.

For over two decades, Stormy Wellington has been a catalyst for real and lasting change in the lives of millions worldwide. Through a myriad of events, coaching sessions, and training programs, including The Awakening Experience, hailed as the #1 Women’s Empowerment Retreat of all time, Stormy has inspired countless individuals to unlock their true potential. As the #1 income earner in a prominent network marketing company, she has mentored over 39 individuals into the realm of multi-millionaires and guided hundreds more towards the status of six-figure earners. Stormy’s impact extends far beyond mere financial gains, as she fosters a community of women globally who engage in daily meditation to foster self-discovery, self-love, and self-acceptance.

One of Stormy Wellington’s key principles is the practice of listening to oneself and making self-care a priority on a daily basis. This belief underscores her holistic approach to personal development, emphasizing the importance of nurturing one’s well-being alongside professional success. With her wealth of experience and profound insights, Stormy empowers individuals to tap into their inner strength, embrace their authenticity, and cultivate a mindset of abundance. Through her guidance and mentorship, she continues to inspire a wave of transformation that transcends conventional boundaries and catalyzes growth on a profound level.

Stormy Wellington’s journey from a high school dropout to a respected wealth coach epitomizes the transformative potential of perseverance, self-belief, and faith. Her dedication to empowering individuals to create positive change in their lives resonates deeply with her vast audience, sparking a movement of self-discovery and entrepreneurship. As she prepares to launch her podcast and expand her reach even further, Stormy remains committed to guiding others towards a path of self-love, empowerment, and fulfillment. In a recent interview with the self-made millionaire, Stormy shared how working as a collection agent and receiving a twenty-five-cent raise became the catalyst that changed her and put her on the path toward financial independence and accelerated economic growth. Not only is her story inspiring, but it’s also transformative and serves as proof that we are only as strong as the belief we put in ourselves.

As a successful entrepreneur and motivational speaker, what was the catalyst that inspired you to embark on your journey to financial freedom and empowerment?

So, I grew up around hustlers and go getters, and my dad was the one that worked. So, I was able to see the best of both worlds, so to speak. My mom was in the streets hustling doing what she did, and I didn’t like either of their lifestyles. I didn’t like how my dad was always at work and I didn’t like how my mom was always in fear and in jeopardy of getting robbed and all of that. So, I never saw the vision of what I thought success could have been because everybody around me was doing things that I wouldn’t do. I kind of always had my radar up even as a young girl. The defining moment that made me realize that I couldn’t just work a job was when I worked in collections. A lot of people don’t know that I was a collections agent for like three years. One time I collected over a million dollars and closed accounts for seven months on my job, and nobody there had ever done that. They didn’t even expect that to be the outcome. After realizing that I collected a million dollars and closed accounts, they offered me a 25-cent raise. When I got that 25-cent raise, I realized that it was the biggest raise they had given to anybody in 15 years.  I also learned that I would have to give myself a raise because if I could bring in a million dollars a month, but they only gave me a quarter, that meant that was all the workforce had to offer. That’s really when I stepped into the business of real entrepreneurship as an adult at 29 years old.

Can you share some of the key principles or strategies that have contributed to your success in network marketing and building a multi-million-dollar business?

I believe that 80% of success is spiritual. I think people put too much mechanics on success. Do you have to have skills? Yes, you have to add value. Do you have to have a product or service? Yes, but that’s the easy part. There’s a lot of that all around the world. One of my billionaire friends said to me one day, “When you do good business, you never have to look for business,” and that stuck with me. Everything I do is principle driven. I’m a woman that walks by my faith. I’m big on declarations. I’m a person that commands my day, whatever I want, I speak it. When you have a vision for your life, the vision for your life will create the discipline for your life. I was a millionaire at the age of 29, but I made the millions from hustling. I didn’t understand how to keep the millions, and so that’s what I do—I teach people how to get money, how to get from the five figures, the six figures to the seven figures, but more so how to keep it. It comes down to building a principal-based business.

In May, you are launching a podcast called “Success Shortcuts” podcast which will focus on mind, body, soul and spirit success secrets. Who will some of your first guests be and what was the thought process involved in coming up with this idea?

I get to interview and humanize the rich and successful while revealing their success. I think that too many people think success and abundance is just money. I mean, imagine being a multi-millionaire but being depressed. I thought money was everything. Here I am with a Rolls Royce outside of my condo on the ninth floor overlooking the city of Atlanta, but I’m depressed with American Express cards with no limit. So, I think that people need to know that success is not just about money, it’s not about just bags, cars, clothes, shoes, and diamonds—it’s about mind, body, spirit finances and relationships. All of my guests are either rich or they’re successful in their field. So, I’ve interviewed pastor Real Talk Kim. She is a Christian woman who has a very radical way of teaching people about living a kingdom-based life. I interviewed Doctor Jamal Bryant, another big pastor. I interviewed the legendary Les Brown. Interestingly enough, I started off with Les Brown. I went really big and if you don’t know him, Les Brown is a motivational speaker. He is like the original motivational speaker for the black community, right? He’s spoken to an audience of over 600,000 people at one time, so he is like that man. I interviewed Ts Madison, you know, representing for the LGBTQ community. I really appreciated that interview. I’ve interviewed almost 10 people. I interviewed OG Boobie Black the rapper—he is also the guy I’m dating but he also was Kevin Gate’s best friend. He’s big in the music industry, so I’m excited about that. I want people to know that success is not all about money. Decide to be successful in all five domains of life because you don’t want to be spiritually heightened and broke in your body. You know what I mean? You don’t want to have a bank account on millions, but your body is breaking down and you’re depressed. I see it too much. I also want to help people who want to be entrepreneurs not to be intimidated by the big vernacular and the vocabulary of all these successful people. I want my guest to break down what I call the pink print where we deliver the soft, gentle way of how you can become successful without thinking that you have to be smart or have a whole bunch of money. You could start with a hundred dollars, you could start with very little faith, and you still can become somebody big.

How can people tune in to the podcast?

So, it’s not released yet, but it’s going to be sometime in May. They could go to, or they can just go to my Instagram and go right on my linktree and get to it. But Success Shortcuts podcast is where they can go straight to the website and get on the VIP list to be the first to know the release date of our first interview. 

How do you navigate challenges and setbacks in your entrepreneurial journey, and what advice do you have for others facing similar obstacles? 

I think that people have to begin with the end in mind. A lot of people don’t have a vision for what they see. We just go find ways to make money. And again, that’s when you become just like a hustler. But when you understand the longevity, you think about building a legacy, breaking generational curses, and being an example for the culture. I pride myself on being an example for everybody. There’s stigma associated with black women. There’s a lot of judgment behind black women, especially the type of black woman I am. I come from stripping, scheming, and scamming. I did all of that, but here I am now. I was a tenth-grade high school dropout, teenage mom, and now I’m a wealth coach. Becoming successful the nontraditional way is what I pride myself on. I’m addicted to inspirational stories. I’ve helped homeless people buy houses built from the ground up. I’ve helped ex drug dealers, schemers and scammers get out of the streets and become multimillionaires. I’ve helped teachers, pastors and women in corporate America who were making six figures, but we’re dealing with sexual harassment. The story for me is what keeps me going. Not enough business owners or entrepreneurs put enough value in paying to cut the line. Get a coach, get a mentor in any field that you’re in. There’s someone that succeeded in what you’re doing, find that person and tap into that

Every picture or video I’ve seen of you—you look absolutely stunning. What are some of the things you do to maintain your health, your looks, and your overall self-care regimen? 

So, I believe that every day is a self-care day. I think that we want to save it for Sundays or a special occasion, but I have self-care every day. I wake up probably about six o’clock in the morning and I do personal development. I listen to somebody on YouTube University every single morning. I check in with myself, I find out how I feel. I wake my son up and I make it fun. I’m big on supplements, I take vitamins, I drink mushroom coffee, I drink water, I take vitamin A, B, C, D, collagen, and biotin. Like, I don’t play about my supplements in the morning, then I go into a meditation. I meditate every morning with a group of 200 women at 8 a.m. every Monday through Friday. I also move my body. I’m gonna stretch, I’m gonna walk, I’m gonna do something every day. I’m not on a diet but I drink Candy Cleanse every day. It cleanses your system. I’m big on staying away from stress and negative energy. I don’t allow excuses, stress, or negative energy to permeate my day. I also have amazing skin care line that I use every day, which has peptides, aloe vera, coconut oil and all the essential oils to give you beautiful skin.

You know, my mom died depressed at the age of 62. If you would have seen my mom, honestly, she looked like she was maybe 72. She did not age well at all. And so, I’m very serious about staying young and youthful and feeling great.

In your opinion, how do you differentiate yourself and stand out in a competitive market?

I believe that I was chosen, so I stand out every day. I think many people don’t really have the belief that is needed to get to the next level. We have been so tricked and so played by the news and by family members. There aren’t a lot of us that are supported by people that speak life into us and push us. I don’t know anybody that has a bigger belief or bigger faith than me. I believe that I have the best business model, the best business, the best everything. I think that a lot of people don’t feel that way about what they’re doing. I think my business partners now are starting to get better, but you can’t expect everybody to move at the same level and at the same pace. What makes me different is that I believe that I deserve the best. So therefore, anybody that’s surrounded by me means that they are the best—you are the best. And so, it’s my responsibility to help to pull that out of you even if you don’t know it yet. And I think that a lot of people don’t understand that, but I do.

Energy is important, and cultivating an attitude that produces high vibrations is beneficial…women across the world meditate with you in the mornings as part of your “Girl Hold My Hand” community, but aside from that, what other spiritual practices do you use for yourself?

I pray every day. I speak mantras and declarations and affirmations out loud. I think a lot of people think that they’re in this battle of life by themselves. But I believe God is omnipresent and God is on the inside of me. I also believe that my ancestors and my mom is walking with me. She died, August 26th, 2011. So, I acknowledge that I’m not alone in this thing called life. You know, I tell you something funny, today I almost fell. I was walking around my pool. I have marble tile all around my 5,000 square foot home, and I almost slipped on a little water puddle, right? I walked around again, and almost slipped on that same water puddle. I said to myself, “You gotta pay attention.” I felt that within my spirit, like you almost slipped twice, and you could have bust your head and everything on the same spot. My spirit told me I need you to be alert and I need you to pay attention to everything. I believe that God planted the thought in my spirit. I felt like, you know, people don’t really pay attention to the spirit that’s within them. But me, I asked for it to come. I welcome those energies and I welcome God to speak through me spiritually every single day. That’s another one of my practices that I don’t really tell people about, but since you asked, I gave you the answer.

Looking ahead, what are your future goals and aspirations, both personally and professionally, and how do you plan to continue making a difference in the lives of others? 

So, number one, I just believe that I am the voice. I believe that my way of navigating a message to the masses and making it appear doable for the world is part of what I’m supposed to do. This is not just spiritually, but mind, body, spirit, finances, and relationships—you can have it all. My goal is to continue showing up as that. I’m not there yet, I haven’t arrived, but I’m good. I have a beautiful home that I was able to pay off. I drive a half million-dollar car. I take care of my dad, I take care of different people, helping them with their bills and teaching them how to make money. I do a lot, and I feel like my goal is to continue that journey and be the example. I don’t allow myself to get comfortable. My podcast is launching, and I’m so excited about the message. It’s going to be so enlightening. I feel like we’re gonna do $100 million this year with the podcast. I just feel it in my soul. I’m also excited about connecting with Tamika Mallory and learning more about how we can help with the election, and how can help with social injustice.  I’m growing in that sector as well, and I plan to continue raising the bar and taking as many people with me through my voice, my vision, and how I show up.

What is your definition of success?

Success is not about how successful you are personally; it’s about how you help other people to achieve their success. Your success is only measured by how many successes come after you. I have helped make 39 millionaires in the last nine years of my career. If I had to add every person by name that came from my leadership in some way, I would probably have about 150 millionaires from all around the world. So, I define success by how many people I can help to become successful. That’s it and that’s all.

What is something that your friends, fans, and followers may not know about you?

They may not know how much I love them. I love them so much that I want them to know what it feels like to live a life where they’re not worried about how they’re going to put their child through school, whether it’s daycare or college. I know what it feels like to not know how the bills are gonna get paid. I also know what it feels like to be depressed, to be suicidal, to be lonely. I know what it feels like to not have an education and not have a lot of opportunities because you need a college degree, or you need a resume. I don’t think my people know how much I’m willing to sacrifice and be that voice of love. I know I don’t come across as that. I love to be fly, I love my Birkin bags, my diamonds, my wigs. You can’t listen to me if you can’t look at me. So, I just keep showing up, but they don’t know how much I love them. I love people so much.

Finish this sentence: In a perfect world…

In a perfect world we will all operate based upon love.

Any last words from that you would like to share in this interview? 

Yeah, I would say this to everybody that reads this interview—I come from nothing. You know, people told me I was stupid, I was crazy, and I was dumb. They said I was a scammer. People talked bad about me, and I almost believed everything they said. One day I looked at myself in the mirror and I thought to myself, I will not believe what they say. I started to do the work inwardly to become the woman that I am today. Never stop believing in the endless possibilities for you. You could be, do, and have anything in the world that you want. Just know that whatever you believe is right, you can have it.

In conclusion, Stormy Wellington’s indomitable spirit and unwavering dedication to empowering others serve as a shining example of what is possible with resilience and self-belief. Her transformative journey from hardship to success inspires us to embrace our own potential, no matter the obstacles we face. Through her impactful coaching and motivational endeavors, Stormy continues to ignite hope and motivation in the hearts of millions, leaving a lasting legacy of empowerment and self-discovery.

To learn more about Stormy, visit her website and follow her on IG.

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