Summer is right around the corner, and due to the restrictions put in place last year due to COVID-19, you’re more than ready to get outside more regularly. Indeed, enjoying barbecues with friends, heading to the beach or community pool, and sitting outside in the warm evenings watching the stars are just a few of the things on your to-do list.

While you love almost everything about summer, you have to confess that you’re not wild about feeling like a hot and sticky mess on those ultra-hot days.

Looking to stay as cool and comfortable as possible during the upcoming months, while also looking cute and stylish at the same time? Then you’ll want to keep these summertime fashion tips in mind:

Cotton and Silk are Your Friends

As often as you can, pick out clothes made from fabrics that can breathe, as opposed to those that can trap in the heat and sweat. That’s because cotton clothing will typically keep you feeling cooler than most synthetic fabrics. Silk and linen are also solid choices; just be sure to check the label when shopping for new summertime outfits.

Light-Colored Clothes are Cooler

In addition to wearing the right, breathable fabrics, you’ll also want to opt for light-colored clothing that will reflect, instead of absorb, the sun’s rays. And, in the summer, much like you notice and feel the heat more so inside a black or dark blue car instead of one that’s white or tan, the same is true for clothing. For example, pastel shirts and khaki capris will feel a lot more comfortable than a navy T-shirt paired with black jeans.

Speaking of Jeans, Put them Away Until Fall

Granted, jeans are usually made from cotton, so you’d think they were on the “cool” list for summer. But the denim that makes up your favorite pair of jeans is manufactured from a mix of cotton twill woven with a light yarn. This blend gives jeans the ability to last for years before you need to replace them — and, on a hot day in August, your legs will no doubt sweat up a storm. Still, if you can’t go three months without jeans, opt for a more relaxed fit versus the ever-popular skinny style.

Choose Versatile Tops

Another great way to look stylish this summer is by choosing tops that are both cute and versatile. A great example is a lightweight bodysuit that you can wear as-is with shorts, capris, or a flowy skirt, or paired with a short-sleeved blouse or even a lightweight sweater on an unseasonably cool summer evening. By being able to pair a bodysuit with a number of other pieces, you’ll easily get more bang for your fashion buck.

Love Dresses? Wear them Often

Not only does a beautiful cotton dress figuratively “look” summerish, but it’s also a perfect clothing choice. Dresses are comfortable, easy to wear, and allow for plenty of airflow. Even a longer maxi style dress made in light fabric is airier than pants and will help keep you cool during the dog days of summer. Of course, you could also go with sundresses, rompers, and a miniskirt paired with a cute T-shirt; all of these are a great and comfortable look for summer.

Enjoy Your Favorite Season in Style and Comfort

When you flip your calendar to June, it’s also time to move your long-sleeved blouses and jeans to the back of your closet in lieu of cute and comfortable summertime clothing. By sticking with natural fabrics that are light in color, versatile and lightweight clothing, and a stylish dress or two, you’ll sail through summer feeling as cool, calm, and collected as you look.