Saturday, May 4th¬†it’s going down. The D Dub Classic hosted by Dolla Watson. If you’ve ever attended before, then you know how we’re coming! This year we have selected the best of the best. This fun-filled family oriented event promises to deliver another unforgettable experience. This will be a band battle that brings bands together from Atlanta, Memphis, and South Florida that wouldn’t have seen each other otherwise.

About the Foundation and Host

D Dub Classic event organized by the Dub Arts Foundation The D Dub Classic aims to celebrate the rich diversity of artistic expression and foster meaningful connections within the arts community. We believe that your presence would not only honor us but also contribute significantly to the success of the event. The D Dub Classic started with the desire to provide bands with bigger and better platforms to showcase their talent. Because so many people utilize bands for events, owner and founder, Curtis Akeem aka “D Dolla” wanted to expand his platform to help create a new level of reach.

Akeem’s expertise in hosting band events for the past four years (over 100 band events), led him to wanting to host his own. Akeem then paired that with the desire to take band events from just something we do now to the bands being part of the entertainment diaspora. ¬†Curtis himself is no stranger to the arts, stating that the arts saved his life; it gave him a sense of belonging, and because of that; he strives to help today’s youth feel that very same feeling.

Make sure you guys get your tickets and let your presence be known. Now! Grab your suits and start practicing and we will see you on the drumline.

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