Just last week, I found myself crying my eyes out as I replayed Boys II Men, “It’s So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday”. As I reminisced on the memories of my childhood, I had to let go of a good friend. A friend that I will always cherish.

Like so many others, 2020 has taken us all by surprise. It feels like we have all been on an emotional rollercoaster. So many people have lost their jobs, loved ones, financial security, and even their peace. We have seen valleys and peaks, highs and lows; and the tide just keeps on turning. It feels like the earth is roaring and the people are responding, but in a different way.  Tragedies are hitting us from all angles. I’ve heard people say, “that they look forward to NYE” in hopes that the year awaiting would be better. People are hopeful that 2021 would be the year of the do-over.

I believe we should embrace the now because a new year won’t change the season. We can always walk into 2021 and take all of 2020 with us. I suggest that we try to find peace within our hearts, peace that surpasses all understanding; and let’s build our faith, our strength, and build ourselves mentally and physically so that we can endure what’s ahead of us. We have to all face this together and trust that soon this will all be lifted from above our heads and we will begin to move forward.

Someone asked me, “Are you in a pandemic or a promise?” Right now it feels like we are all taking a hit in some area of our lives, but in spite of what is happening around us, I believe we are in a promise. A promise that the season will change. A promise that we will get through this. A promise that greater days are ahead of us.

As we approach the fourth quarter, let’s all make the best of where we are and find hope in our hearts for a better tomorrow. Let’s not fear to become a distraction. Don’t give circumstances anymore weight than it deserves. We can try to break down what we are feeling, acknowledge where we are in this season, and deal with what we can control. This will give us the confidence, perspective, and strength to endure the next season. Let’s all try to come together and get past this. We all have felt the pain of 2020, but better days are coming.