Veruz Battle between Monica and Brandy was not only record breaking, there was so much healing that took place between them as well. So many fans and followers have anticipated this moment of seeing the two R&B legends reunited. Not only was it amazing to see them come together, but also they wanted to encourage and uplift everyone during these difficult times. Brandy and Monica both held their own during the course of three hours. This battle was beyond epic.

Brandy was so an awe from the history making event and she took to social media share a post. She posted a video on her Instagram page.

Actress/singer of hit Fox show, Starz, Ryan Destiny left this comment under the post. “Queeeens forever & ever”.

Legendary producer and Grammy winner Timbaland took to social media to share about the iconic battle. He posted a photo of Monica and Brandy on his Instagram page.

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Radio personality, Supa Cindy left the following comment. “BEST Verzuz Everrrrr!! I don’t even have a voice right now thinking I was the 3rd member of the Verzuz #QueensDontCompete”. This event was definitely epic for sure and fans really loved how the two singers uplifted each other.

Shortly after their amazing battle, Hit maker and super producer Swizz Beatz posted a photo of Brandy and Monica on his Instagram page.


During the battle, both of the singers were able to play some of their newest music. Brandy played her the song, “Borderline” from her newest album “B7” which she dropped at the end of July. Monica also played a new single which features rapper Lil Baby, called “Trenches.”

After this incredible event came to end, she also posted a series of photos on her Instagram.

This matchup between the two icons was beyond phenomenal and will be one of the most talk about moments in music for many years to come. Both of these legends have not only made majors milestones in R&B, them coming together during the times when are in to uplift people all over the was amazing. Finally, seeing the two singing beauties hug it out before the Verzuz ended is something that fans will always remember.