The world of cinema has gifted us with some extraordinary films that transport viewers from their armchairs to enchanting places around the globe. From idyllic Greek islands to rugged American west-coast cities, certain movies have the undeniable power to enchant viewers with their exotic locations. And after watching them, many of us are bound to feel a sudden urge to go on an adventure and explore these cinematic destinations for ourselves. 

This article presents a few examples of films clamoring to take us away on an unforgettable journey. You can be sure that once you’ve seen these, planning your little getaway won’t take long.

Casino Royale – Grandhotel Pupp

Watching films like Casino Royale make you want to live the casino fantasy and dive into the world of craps for real money and all kind of games. The poker game scenes in the movie are mind-boggling and only highlighted more by Grandhotel Pupp, a luxurious hotel that serves as a perfect backdrop. This plush five-star hotel in the Czech Republic instantly captured viewers’ hearts, stimulating a huge influx of tourists and making it an iconic film location.

Nestled between the spa district’s forested hills, the Grandhotel Pupp is a magnificent place to escape. Its captivating interiors combine modern luxury with classic charm, featuring rich wood-paneled walls, stylish furniture, and chandeliers that adorn the opulent ballroom. Many of Casino Royale’s iconic scenes were shot in this stunning hotel, including its grand lobby, majestic terrace, and elaborate stairways. 

So, if you are feeling inspired by this action-packed movie to go off on a journey and explore its incredible setting, Grandhotel Pupp in Karlovy Vary is the ideal choice for your luxurious getaway.

The Godfather – The Village of Savoca

Considered by many as one of the greatest films ever made, The Godfather cast an unforgettable spell on viewers with its gorgeous location in Italy. Filmed mainly on the island of Sicily and surrounding areas such as Savoca – a village known for its narrow cobbled streets and stunning views over the Mediterranean sea.

Many scenes of this iconic movie were shot in Savoca’s landmark bar, Bar Vitelli. It is a place full of character and rich in history, with one wall standing as witness to the many famous visitors who fell under the spell of this magical village. 

As viewers journey through the shabby yet picturesque streets of Savoca, they feel as though time has stood still and can almost detect a hint of nostalgia in the air. The village would be an ideal spot for a vacation, with its quaint restaurants and cobbled pavements. 

Harry Potter – Christ Church Cathedral

While a lot of movies feature an unforgettable cinematic experience, few can compare to the enchanting world of Harry Potter, brought to life in seven books and eight films. Though much of the movie was filmed on sound stages in London and Edinburgh, many scenes bring some evocative Oxford landmarks to life.

At the heart of this beloved series lies Christ Church College which features famously as Hogwarts Great Hall throughout all eight movies. Its grand gothic architecture – high ceilings, stained glass windows and long stone corridors – provide a perfect backdrop for these epic magical adventures loved by viewers across generations.

This beautiful building has also had its extraordinary history, as it was built in 1546 and is still recognised today as one of the most royal buildings in England. The college was also the shooting location for many famous films such as Alice in Wonderland and The Golden Compass. 

Grand Budapest Hotel – Görlitz Department Store

As a film that covered an impressive proportion of fictional areas and set pieces, The Grand Budapest Hotel was amongst the most challenging to shoot. To recreate its specific design, Wes Anderson had to scout for exciting European locations, including Germany’s Görlitz Department Store. This delightful clock-faced building was initially opened in 1912 and has retained much of its original identity throughout the years, serving as a historical gallery to this remarkable fiction.

Visitors journeying to Görlitz will also find similar impressive buildings nearby and in close vicinity, as this town is truly a diamond shimmering on the River Neisse. The grandeur of the buildings here offers a perfect backdrop for many cinematic gems and a real opportunity to explore and admire some of Europe’s best-preserved locations. 

While Grand Budapest Hotel is an addictively watchable movie with its beautiful pastel sets and captivating animations, it is also a real place of cultural discovery that visitors should absolutely add to their travel itinerary.