Use the resources within to create your best life with the wisdom of Dr. Cindy Trimm.

Revelatory speaker, author, and businesswoman, Dr. Cindy Trimm lives her life out loud and walks in her mandate without apology, inspiring millions around the world through her prophetic spiritual insights. With candor and power, Dr. Cindy Twimm takes SHEEN readers on an intimate journey to develop a dominion mindset. Trimm shares her knowledge on how to activate the law of greatness, embrace our now, and say, “Goodbye Yesterday!”

With so many distractions constantly vying for our attention, what tips do you recommend to stay focused and not let outside forces influence us?

First, we have to recognize the source of our inspiration and motivation. On a daily basis, a lot of us are taking dopamine hits through technology. I think at least once a week, it’s imperative to disconnect from technology and fast. Disconnect from social media as well as traditional media and pick up the art of reading because I think we long for critical consciousness and thinking.


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