With a substantial mark on internet trends and entrepreneurial strategies of success, Andy Smith has created a social app that is changing the trajectory of how children can safely connect with each other on a global scale. Possessing a wealth of knowledge and expertise, it’s no wonder that Smith has been deemed one of the best branding and marketing agents in the country. Over the years, he has honed his craft and puts forth nothing short of excellence. Due to his tenacity and overall zest for being at the top of his game, Smith has been presented with wonderful opportunities in the Christian Community, which have led to a vast expansion in the Global Marketplace. His efforts have been positively recognized by his peers far and wide, and as he continues to grow, the message he conveys to the world grows with him. Expansion along with presenting a valuable and effective product is paramount to Smith who says, “The safety of our children is our top priority. We have completed and implemented a 2-factor authentication which allows parents full control over how and when their children use the iChat app. It launches this November. We are so excited about the response we will receive from this amazing endeavor!”

As someone with a strong faith and a boundless capacity for greatness, he works hard and believes in finishing what he starts. He explains, “Even through all of the excitement, and belief systems we use, nothing speaks louder than a person who’s willing to get in the trenches and do what they’re supposed to do in order to see what they want to see!”

As the CEO of the I-Worship Network (IWN), he oversees several global magazines, I-Worship Magazine, iCreate Magazine, and Woman Arise Magazine. Smith is also the author of 8 successful books and is currently about to release his latest manuscript, “Bigger! Better! Greater!” With all of these talents, it’s interesting to note that Smith is also a 34-year accomplished pianist.

Smith and I had an in-depth discussion about iChat and more.

Tell us about iChat Global Network and the catalyst that sparked the idea in the first place. 

Well, iChat Global Network is what I believe is the answer to the traditional level of social media. I believe privacy and discreteness is the top priority when it comes to our connections with family and friends. iChat is a social app that allows people to connect with other friends worldwide. We are endeavoring to build a solid foundation between our future and the current. We have specifically created iChat 4 Kidz with this concept in mind. It’s like totally awesome to know that thousands of children will be able to grow their social life without the interference of pedophiles and predators.

The catalyst behind iChat is simple, RELATIONSHIP. We have designed this opportunity to bring our world and generations together. I also wanted to assist in the safety of our children, so we do not offer messenger for the children. However, we have what we call “Circle of Friends” a 24-hour monitored video chat by parents and our back-in-maintenance team. So, we believe our children should have a place to grow and learn while meeting other children from across the world.

Growing up, did you see yourself in the position you’re in now as a highly successful CEO?

You know Desirae, I think this answer may shock you, but I did. My mother reminded me in a conversation one day that I promised when I got older, I would take care of her. So, it was always spoken that I would accomplish some amazing things. The journey has had its ups and downs, but one thing is for sure, God is never- failing and He is the ultimate promise-keeper. I get this question almost every time there is an interview, podcast or whatever. I believe now, that at the end of the day, we are solely responsible for where we go in life. We will become the result of the decisions we make as well as the ones we fail to make.

Communication is important in our world and there are many ways to do that. Your iChat platform has a feature where children using the app can talk to other children in a similar way that Facebook has with their messenger app. What is unique about this from your point of view?

You know the safety of our children is our top priority. We have completed and implemented a 2-factor authentication which allows parents full control over how and when their children use the app. This is a major advancement because when you look at the social study, 74% of predators find their way through the messenger option. We have totally left that option off our list of features. However, we’ve created what we call “Circle of Friends” which is an all-video option that allows children to gather in groups of 10 profiles at a time while being monitored 24 hours a day by our maintenance Team as well as the local parents. This feature is amazing simply because imagine ten 6-year-olds having an all-out conversation about what they got for Christmas this year! We are extremely excited about this feature! It’s innovative, progressive, and protective. We are doing our part to ensure the safety of our children to the best of our ability.

When can parents and their children be able to use this incredible app?

Our app will launch this November. We are so excited about the response we will receive from this amazing endeavor! We are asking that all parents, friends, and supporters would help get the word out about this amazing technology!

Social media is a powerful thing. How has it shaped, changed, and steered the trajectory of Andy Smith Global Enterprises?

Social media has been for me a blessing and curse. You know when you’re young, you feel like you can post whatever you want, when you want and about who you want. The problem is it follows you. People can go back and see everything that has not been taken down. So, this has taught me balance and structure. I’ve met some amazing people through social media, so it’s not all bad. It’s a tool that will yield from what you use it for. I’ve learned to use it for positive advancements and that way I’ll know what to expect in return.

Do you have a favorite quote or some important words that you live by? What are they and can you give some examples of how you use them in everyday life?

Yes, my favorite quote is: “Do Your Part.” So many people are after overnight success thinking that something will be handed down to them. However, even when it comes to faith, the moral of the entire scripture is “faith without works is dead.” Even though all of the excitement, and belief systems we use, nothing speaks louder than a person who’s willing to get in the trenches and do what they’re supposed to do in order to see what they want to see!

If you were not the CEO of a global brand, what else would you see yourself doing?

I’m also a 34-year accomplished pianist. It’s a passion! So, if I didn’t have the global brands, I would probably be sitting in somebody’s church playing until they pass out! (laugh) But seriously, my passions are music and writing. I currently have 8 books and I plan on writing many more. I also love traveling and trying new restaurants. It’s funny because I love everything I do, so making the decision would be weird. But we both know there are plenty of things to do in the world. I think my favorite would be traveling the world!

You also run three global magazines. Tell us more about them.

Sure! So, the first magazine I have is called “iWorship Magazine”. It’s the eldest of them all launching in 2016. This magazine is centered around the Faith-based community and Christian Church. We use this platform to highlight speakers and amazing churches who are making an impact in their communities and congregations. Secondly, we have “Woman Arise Magazine” which is our heart. This publication highlights the everyday woman. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the marketplace or a stay-at-home mom. This publication carries stories of empowerment, encouragement, and healing in every article. Lastly, we have the newest baby of the family, “iCreate Magazine”. This publication is timeless piece that was created because of today’s time. This magazine is for the Creatives. Our world has gone 80% digital and this magazine is here to keep our subscribers in the loop. You’re able to get the latest on new systems, social media updates, new branding moguls and so much more. It’s heaven to all things Marketing and Branding. So as our brands continue to grow over time, it is our hope that we are looked to as the voice of truth.

Photo Credits: Mario Manning (Manning and Co.)

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