Nothing and I mean nothing is worse than applying a lipstick on your dry rough lips. Not only does it not pleasant looking but it leaves you feeling super bad about yourself. Everyone has been loving lip balm scrubs lately on social media so I thought why not give it a try?

In my research, I found that there were so many out there and to my surprise, it’s a very trendy beauty item. Through trial and error, I’ve found five of the best (in my opinion) lip scrub balms out there on the market that have literally done it all for me. Moisturize, exfoliate, and leave my lips feeling smooth.

photo obtained from Ulta Beauty

Buxom Power-full Lip Scrub, $18

Are your lips in need of an exfoliation? This scrub was made to create that smooth canvas to prep for lipstick. It contains charcoal powder, papaya seed oil, and mango butter. Not only is the packaging super cute but it’s made my lips (which are still suffering from the winter) so much more smooth.

photo obtained from Ulta Beauty

Too Cool For School Coconut Sugar Scrub Lip Balm, $18

It’s recommended not to travel right now but who says you can’t bring the beach to you? This tropical lip balm contains coconut water, coconut sugar, and coconut oil to hyrdate the lips.

photo obtained from Cult Beauty

Glow Recipe Watermelon Lip Pop, £19.50

Easy to apply and leaves no mess, what more could you ask for in a lip scrub? This watermelon-tasting balm is so cool because the little granules dissolve right on the lips. It’s so exfoliating and leaves the lips feeling soft and a little pink.

photo obtained from Credo

Ilia Lip Exfoliator – Balmy Nights, $26

This lip balm was made of ingredients all from nature! Volcanic stone and jojoba seed powder! It smoothes out the skin and provides the lips with a great amount of hydration. Your lips will never feel so fresh and so clean clean!

photo obtained from Ulta Beauty

e.l.f. Cosmetics Lip Exfoliator, $4

If you’re looking to smooth out those lips but save money while doing it, this lip balm is for you! It’s vegan and comes in five different flavors!