In the realm of creativity and artistic expression, there exists a luminary who defies convention and captivates all who encounter his work. Allow me to introduce you to Brandon Bailey, known to many as Gandalf the Black. Brandon is not merely an artist; he is a master of both visual arts and music.

Brandon’s creative spirit knows no bounds, effortlessly blending the thunderous roar of metal riffs, the infectious groove of hip-hop beats, and the haunting beauty of soulful soundscapes. His artistry transcends traditional boundaries, creating a unique fusion that resonates with audiences on a profound level.

Drawing inspiration from the vibrant and fantastical worlds of comics, the limitless imagination of anime, and the deep well of spiritual mysticism, Brandon’s art serves as a catalyst for transformation. Each piece he creates is a tapestry of mythical and magical elements, designed to inspire individuals to embrace their own unique individuality and creativity.

In a recent interview with the talented artist, he opened up about the importance of mental health, the meaning behind his name, and how his art has progressed over time. 


With May being Mental Health Awareness Month, in what ways do you believe art can be a powerful tool in promoting mental well-being and fostering conversations around mental health issues through your creative expression as “Brandon the Wizard, aka Gandalf the Black”? 

Art is a powerful tool for healing. Many aspects of my visuals and music, such as geometric art, mandalas, nature paintings, and sound therapy, explore these ideas. My art and comics are also meant to keep people entertained and inspired, which is necessary for optimal mental health. 

Can you tell us more about the inspiration behind your artist moniker “Brandon the Wizard aka Gandalf the Black” and how it reflects your artistic philosophy?

Brandon is the name my parents gave me. I call myself “The Wizard” due to my ability to multitask on creative projects and my fascination with religion and supernatural phenomena. I chose “Gandalf” as an ode to the great wizard from J.R.R. Tolkien’s novels. Lastly, “black” represents the darkness from which all things in the universe proceed.

You are also a talented graphic artist in addition to live painting. How do you combine traditional and digital mediums to express your creative visions?

I excel at using multiple mediums for different results; I usually use digital tools for logo designs and comic book creations, especially when designing things for clients that must be ready for print. Occasionally, I get the opportunity to use painting and digital tools to bring ideas to completion. 

As you mentioned in your artist description, how do you believe art can influence our lives physical, mental, and metaphysical aspects?

In my perspective, art and imagination are not just creative expressions but the very fabric of reality. The world we perceive is a tapestry woven from the collective imaginations of countless generations. However, it’s crucial to recognize that art, like any tool, can be wielded for both good and ill. In this dualistic universe, caution is key.

Could you elaborate on the significance of the word “Black” in your artist’s name and how it connects to the source of your creativity?

Before the dawn of all things, even ‘light,’ there was a profound darkness. I believe this darkness, symbolized by the word ‘black,’ is the primordial source of all elements in the universe. In its purest form, it could be what humans perceive as God. All matter, I believe, originated from this cosmic void. I see myself as a reflection of this source and my artistic process as a divine act of creation. 

What drew you to using the title “Wizard” and the name “Gandalf” in your artistic identity, and how do these references impact your approach to creating art?

Gandalf, a wise character from J.R. Tolkien’s Middle Earth lore, inspires me. He is renowned for his ability to unite diverse races, including elves, dwarves, hobbits, and humans, to combat evil. In a similar vein, my creations aim to harmonize real-life elements.

With over 15 years of experience in live painting at various events, how has this journey shaped your artistic style and vision?

Live painting at events is still my favorite way to connect with other artists and art enthusiasts. Creating this type of space is an excellent way to get inspired. My style is inspired by other artists I’ve painted with. 

Your musical abilities span genres like hip-hop, metal, and experimental beat production. How does your music intertwine with your visual artistry?

The music I create is the soundtrack to the variety of subject matter I paint.

 How do you incorporate elements of spirituality and oneness into your art, blending diverse cultural beliefs and pop culture influences?

My art covers a broad range of topics related to spirituality and metaphysics. Many of my paintings showcase popular comic book and anime characters that embody mythological ideologies like those found in religious lore from various cultures worldwide.

Can you share a specific piece of artwork that best represents your artistic mission and the message you aim to convey through your creations?

My art covers so many topics that it is hard to pick just one. What I can do now is pick out my favorite one. I would have to pick my “avatar painting from the Mystic Alchemy collection. Avtar has been a big inspiration in my writing style. The Avatar franchise heavily inspires my audiobook Psy-fu, and I aim to make the same impact with my lore. 

What do you hope viewers and listeners take away from experiencing your art, both visually and musically, in terms of understanding our shared existence and interconnectedness

I hope people experience the real me when they listen to my music. It’s not just my spiritual side but all the different qualities that define me. I aim to inspire others to do the same and embrace their individuality. The greatest gift one can give another is to encourage them to be themselves. 

What is your definition of success?

Success is achieved when someone lives in the moment with appreciation and no regret.

All in all, his artistry transcends conventional norms, inviting us to embrace the wondrous possibilities that lie beyond our imagination. Through his unique blend of visual arts and music, Brandon has carved out a niche as a true wizard of creativity, captivating hearts, and minds with his spellbinding creations.

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Photo Credit: Brandon Bailey