It’s Cancer Season and Happy Summer Solstice! Summer has officially arrived when Cancer season is activated. Although you can pool party, beach day, watermelon and lemonade any time of year if you want, summer dresses hit different in the summertime. On the first day of the summer solstice, be sure to soak in the rising sun, burn summer herbs in a bonfire and set your intentions. Happy Summertime!

Cancers are the hot water of the zodiac. Couple that with the waxing and waning of the Moon and the fact that every 2 ½ days, she occupies a different zodiac sign. A different moon sign personality is why Cancerians are the moodiest and crabbiest of the zodiac. For example, if the moon is in Scorpio, a Cancer may be scorpionic at night—snooping and sneaking about. 

Cancers rule the 4th House of Family, and this house placement are either for or against their Familia and their casa. Formidable foundations are the focus. Ancestral intelligence and the positive or negative affect of your childhood homes had on you and your life’s journey, are aspects of this house.  

In Tarot, the major arcana trump card, The Chariot, represents Cancer. In the upright, The Chariot is about reigning over your rein and forward progressions. Conquering challenging obstacles and victory in competition. Protecting emotional vulnerability and using emotional intelligence. In reverse, the card means the complete opposite. 

Moon Guidance 

Full Moon in Capricorn on June 22nd is a good time to let the energy amplify its influence on your upcoming goals. The moons potency in Capricorn, the earth-bound sign of ambition and authority, makes this a good time to strategize. Do not be overwhelmed on feelings of needing to get everything that you desire done, rather take this time to tap into the energy and preplan. Additionally, all full moons are for replacing and releasing—be honest with yourself on what needs to be power washed away and what needs to be poured into. 

New Moon in Cancer on July 5th presents a potent time to tap in healthily with family, whatever that looks like for you. Nurture yourself and nurture your home—drench yourself in some water, maybe take a bubble bath or have a cryotherapy session. Do some home cleaning, perhaps clean out those cabinets or wash the floors. Use the New Moon energy to get on some new ish. 

Vital Transits

Jupiter in Gemini is a wonderful time for collecting information on any budding curiosities and delving into copious amounts of distractions. 

Mercury in Cancer mean your emotions are about to get restless, but you will also be open to listening and having intimate conversations. Followed by Mercury in Leo, a good time to boldly express yourself with thrilling and chilling directness. 

Venus in Cancer is a good time for cupcaking, cuddling, and comforting. Later on, when Venus is in Leo, show up and show out, be adoring and affectionate for the ones you love, you included. Failure to do this and drama will ensue. 

Retrograde Season

Retrogrades are celestial events that force the collective to revisit and renovate cycles and parts of their lives that need attention, whether a person is celestially aware, or not.

Saturn Retrograde in Pisces starts on June 29th and lasts for 4½ months, during this time notice how you will not only reflect but introspect on critical past errors and take accountability.  

On July 2nd, the Neptune Retrograde in Pisces, lasting for about six months. This retrograde is tricky, because it causes massive clarity and confusion. Seeing things for what they really are may cause confusion. This reality check is the gut punch. 

Pluto Retrograde in Aquarius sits you down with your shadow side to encourage reflection on the negative effects of your dark side. Transmute or dead it and allow a self-renaissance. For more on the powerful effects of Pluto in Aquarius, read Shift Happening in Aquarius

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Photo Credit: Nhayah Goode