It’s almost been a year since the world practically shut down and I’m still recovering from the fact that I had to go nearly two months without seeing my hair stylist. I quickly had to figure out how to go about doing my day-to-day maintenance by myself. Testing out hair care products is scary enough to me, so add a global pandemic to the situation, and you’ve got yourself a disaster. Being home and having a lot more time to research and find products that would work for my hair ended up working out in my favor. 2020 was the year of self-care and I think I can speak for everyone when I say we absolutely needed the “downtime.” Dyring this time, I tried so many products on my hair – some worked great, while a lot didn’t work in my favor. I look back on the products I tried (which is embarrassingly a lot), and found there was only one product from the long list that stayed by my side throughout the entire year! Can you believe that? Only one.

This week’s SHEEN Product Pick is none other than Congo’s Massive Moisture Deep Penetrating Conditioner.

Congo Massive Moisture Deep Penetrating Conditioner

As mentioned before, my hair and I were a complete wreck when we found out that hair salons were closing because of the ongoing pandemic. I quickly had to maneuver my way around always relying on my stylist to save my hair. With this came a lot of research. One of the first products I got to try was Congo’s Massive Moisture Deep Penetrating Conditioner, and let me tell you – it’s been a long ride with this product.

It’s a conditioner that not only penetrates the scalp but also helped soothe and strengthen my hair throughout the process. I’m very generous with this product and apply it after shampooing. I’m always sure to give it at least five minutes to sit on the ends of my hair before rinsing. I kid you not, every single time I use this conditioner, my hair feels so much more manageable and soft.

My hair is naturally wavy and the conditioner itself is so moisturizing to the waves, while also blocking out the chance of frizz. Here in South Carolina, salons shut down for approximately two months before opening back up. Guess who was back in their stylist’s chair quickly after the reopening? One of the first things my stylist asked me (before even asking how I had been doing) was what products I had been using on my natural hair. There has been a distinct difference in the way my natural hair looks after using this product than what it did before I even got this holy grail product in my hands. If there’s any product out there that I can reccomend to beauts on a mission to love their hair, it’s to invest in a good conditioner. Obviously, this one is my favorite hands down and I know that it can be your lifesaver too.