This week’s SHEEN Product Pick of the Week is dedicated to all things hair. A staple product that everyone needs in their hair care collection is a good leave-in conditioner. We’re highlighting Congo Professional’s Mello Moisture Leave-In Conditioner and for all right reasons.

Congo Professional Mello Moisture Leave-In Conditioner, $20

This leave-in conditioner, infused with Sarsaparilla not only detangles the hair but it also strengthens it while providing moisture to your locks. There are so many ingredients formulated into this product including coconut, mongongo, and hibiscus! Just like any other leave-in conditioner, this product can be used on wet or dry hair. I personally, love applying this conditioner on the ends of my hair after washing my hair. After air drying or blow drying my hair, it makes my hair soft to the touch and gives it that beautiful sheen. I haven’t even told you the best part about it. We all know and hate that feeling of our hair feeling weighed down. There’s a saying that you can wear your hair down by using too much product and while yes that’s true, I honestly believe if I were to spray the entire bottle onto my hair, it still wouldn’t feel heavy on my hair!



All images obtained on the official website of Congo Professional