In a world full of the sacred, women are never to be protected by the hands of their enemies. Rather reflect their pain upon their insecurities based at birth. The root of her neglect became born at the sight of her mound covered in nutrition from all mothers. Until dirt remains attached to each coffin, recognition was paid by default in tragedy. Guilt surfaced through a longing trial period due to explanation caused her incidents, losses of pride subside from the lack of energy one had when she arrived. Her destination meant capturing the light from dark of any hatred spilled. Enraged bloodshed reigning superior to the degrading of self-evolvements. Holding out your bare hand in guidance, while the other behind your back-gripping envy in shades. It is seemed to be clear to abduct what’s left of pride for social defacing. Remains as another body in the fumes.  Surrounding tactics to a fuel, her aura lights the match, dimming the grasp of others for a reaction. Its cruel to find what others try to deny behind a thin line. But to let society have her trapped in what will be called her final demise.