Mellow is the new black. My sit down with T Royal allowed me to meet not only an R&B sensation but a man from Atlanta with a simple love for music. When you silence the noise and sit down with an R&B sensation you hear more than just a sweet melody. Join me for an intimate sit down as T Royal navigates us through his description of his art while sharing personal views on his love life, music collaboration wishes and detachment from reassurance. Allow me to introduce you to T Royal.

We are given a name at birth but choose different aliases when discovering ourselves. As I made myself familiar with the artist’s catalog, I could not resist the urge to know what the T in T Royal stood for. His music embodies intimate moments. I hear him as he sings of love but I feel his passion as he depicts lust. R&B originally stood for rhythm and blues. A harmonic sound of vocals. Words that would leave you in the deepest ocean of emotions. Stranded, on a raft, not looking to be saved. That R&B may be lost but is being reinvented to co-exist with a new culture known to younger generations as “Sneaky Link”.

“I think it’s more interesting when you have some toxicness [toxicity] going on. [It] Add a little spice to it. You don’t want anything boring” – T Royal

Paying homage to a classic black cinema Brown Sugar. I was excited to discover when T Royal fell in love with R&B. Would his beginnings resemble that of the artist before him? Is there a curriculum for Atlanta native’s to follow to achieve stardom? Learn all and more as I sit down with T Royal for an exciting Sheen Talk Live!