When we think back to films that stay on our minds long after we have seen them, we are surrounded by vivid memories of scenes and dialogue that have moved us in some shape or form. Aurora Threats has done just that—created a film full of sharp, poignant imagery and nostalgic charm that pulls on our heartstrings and our internal drive to feel safe and empowered. Supercilious is a beautiful nine-minute animated short film that touches on three important themes that most of us have experienced in life: courage, hope, and success. The story takes viewers on a short but detailed journey of a young girl who leaves negativity behind and emerges as a successful woman. 

The award-winning film has crossed cultures and is noted to be the first time a short film collaboration has been done between the US and Ghana. Threats says, “With Supercilious I’m convinced that this first-time film collaboration between America & Ghana, AF was woven together to fit God’s perfect plan.”

As a graduate of Grambling State University with a Bachelor of Science in Speech and Theatre Education, along with a Master of Science in Human Relations and Business, Threats is no stranger to manifesting excellence. She has been in the industry for quite a long time and values the work she has done over the years on a wide variety of successful projects. When asked about her motivation and upward climb toward her many achievements, she confidently stated, “I’m not an imitation of anyone else, I’m constantly being energized by the powers within me.” It is this kind of confidence that propels filmmakers like Threats to create beautiful representations of the world around them by using their own power to spark inspiration for the spirit of humankind. 

In this interview, Threats expounds on the meaning behind her award-winning film, Supercilious and discusses the importance of building confidence in oneself. 

Your short film, Supercilious has been recognized across the world. It has won in Paris, France; Ontario, Canada; Toronto, Canada; and Ghana, Africa. Supercilious is the first United States and Ghana, Africa film collaboration. What does this accomplishment mean to you?

You know with all the wonderful things that have happened with Supercilious I’ve had to pause many times to thank God for his favor upon me. I am simply amazed. Every single thing you need is inward. No one can hear it speak only you can. All you have to do is trust, believe, and follow.

I knew Supercilious was a wonderful body of work and the message it emanates is necessary. Eben Yelson at Fulton Film Ghana Limited is a major force in this historical moment. It was meant for our paths to cross. His dedication, talent and faith are to be praised. I was confident Supercilious would do very well on the Film Festival circuit, but make world history had never crossed my mind. Eben blew me away when he shared this historical fact. A trailblazer the first of the first. If I had not followed the voice within I would have missed out on this blessing. Becoming the first in the United States to collaborate on a film with Ghana, Africa and Ghana, Africa with the United States is soul-stirring. It’s all God. It’s all about His perfect timing. I receive it and I accept. I am grateful to God and immensely proud or our amazing team.

You hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Speech and Theatre Education along with a Master of Science degree in Human Relations and Business. You are quite accomplished in your areas of expertise. How has your education assisted you in being a successful filmmaker?

My education has aided me in understanding character analysis and development. How to use the script to create and/or research the character’s background. What drives and motivates the character. Comingling Human Relations with my theatrical background has equipped me with the mastery and expertise in creating multi-dimensional characters and conflict resolution. In creating a good film or play the writer especially needs to be conscious of the elements that propel the actions and evoke emotions that reverberate with the viewer.

As the writer, visionary, and Executive Producer of the award-winning film, Supercilious, what were your motivations behind doing this kind of production?

First and foremost, I enjoy comedies. It’s a great way to bond with children. Children are indeed our future and they need to see what it looks like to encounter conflict; how to overcome it; what it feels when one inflicts pain upon another; and how it separates and causes regret.

What is the underlying message you wish to convey to audiences who watch Supercilious?

The message I wish to convey to the viewers is to have courage in all you do. If Belle can rise above expectations – – tower from the bottom to the top so can you.

You have numerous acting and writing credits to date. Tell us about one of your most memorable experiences in the industry.

Wow, one of my most memorable moments was being blessed to perform in New York at the prominent Beacon Theater to a sold-out audience night after night for six weeks. Performing in every major playhouse in the United States was phenomenal. It was clear to me that dreams do come true and will take you places you never imagined if you just believe.

Why is it important for you on a personal level to convey the message of confidence and success to the younger generation?

It is important to convey the message of confidence and success to our youth because some have a tendency as the title implies “Supercilious” to put on airs, and put others down to feel good about themselves. These kinds of tendencies can root and carry over into adulthood. The truth is they are insecure about who they are or who they’re not. It is my belief that if you’re taught better you do better or one day you will discover on your own. We were all created in a uniqueness that’s our very own so find your passion (confidence) and pour into it (success).

What other projects are you working on that you can share with us?

I am one of those who were raised with wise sayings like “never let your right hand know what your left is doing”. In other words, “move in silence.” Stay focused and have discretion.

With all you have done in entertainment, has there ever been a time when you were discouraged like the young girl in your film Supercilious? What techniques did you use to get yourself through that trying time?

I would have to say no I have never been discouraged or rejected for a better way to frame the character Belle’s experience. But, sometimes in life, one must “reset.” It took the pandemic not only to put me back in my zone with a realignment but to be next level. Supercilious has proven to me you can’t be too predictable. I am so next level on every level.

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