We can all agree that the 90’s was the best decade for music. Hits were being made consistently and are still being played 20+ years later as if they were just released.

Take me back. (I was three-years-old when the 90’s ended, but still.)

I have an entire playlist dedicated to 90’s music, because we won’t get hits like that again! I understand that music has evolved; however, today’s music industry lacks so much originality. It’s like we’re hearing the same songs being made over and over. Many people can argue that the new releases are targeted toward the younger generation, but I’m still in my early 20’s and I’m already sick of it. Is this what pushing 30 feels like?

Not only was the music iconic, but the videos were also top tier. They were like mini movies that showcased relatable stories. There are too many hits to mention, so I chose ten hit R&B songs from the decade that’ll have you vibing, in real life.

The Ultimate 90’s R&B Playlist

  1. Real Love” by Mary J.Blige
  2. “Creep-” by TLC
  3. “Right Here” by  SWV
  4. “The Boy Is Mine” by Brandy & Monica
  5. “Remember the Time” by Michael Jackson
  6. “Candy Rain” by Soul for Real
  7. “I Wanna Be Down” by Brandy
  8. “Just Kickin’ It” by Xscape
  9. “Are You that Somebody?” by Aaliyah
  10. “Breakin’ My Heart” (Pretty Brown Eyes) by Mint Condition