(Los Angeles, CA) — Shardae DéVine and Ayanna Ife, also known as Twynn, have returned with a new and bold single titled “Ohh Daddy.” Download / Stream here

Produced by Curtdarula, this track is a refreshing departure from the norm as it carries a powerful message of empowerment for all women. Inspired by Ayanna’s experiences with being constantly surrounded by gorgeous women who admire her attraction to other women, “Ohh Daddy” seeks to challenge the stereotypes surrounding female sexuality and orientation. This track sends a clear message that all women have the potential to enjoy their sexuality, regardless of their body parts.

Twynn aims to encourage women to embrace their masculine energy and love other women, enabling them to be themselves without feeling shame or fear of judgment. This song is a tribute to all the strong and confident women who support other women and is meant to inspire those curious to try something new.

With “Ohh Daddy,” Twynn has created a powerful and daring anthem that will become a hit among audiences worldwide. So don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind experience – embrace your inner “daddy” and give this track a listen today!

Stream & Download HERE

“Ohh Daddy” (Official Music Video)

About Twynn

Overnight sensations Shardae DéVine, and Ayanna Ife met many years ago in childhood. Around the early ages of 14 and 15, Shardae and Ayanna fell in love with hip-hop. Taking separate paths, both artists focused on developing their voices, talent, and sound. It wasn’t until recently, in April of 2023, that the duo reconnected to create the unique and popular group TWYNN. The pair became a viral hit sensation overnight with their first single, “HOE TALE,” which currently has 9.1 million views on Tik Tok alone. Pioneers in their industry, the Philly-based rappers are uniquely paving the way for a new generation of entertainers. As proud members of the LGBTQIA community, the rap duo felt it was important to create music for people like them. Additionally, group member, Ayanna, is a visually impaired comedic social media star! Currently, in the studio, TWYNN is recording their first album and is ready to take the music industry by storm! For more information, log onto