Kelli Webb

About Kelli Webb

A Chicago Native, Kelli Webb, has truly grown to be known as the “Woman with many hats” that wears them all with honor, sincere gratitude, and responsibility. Kelli began writing poetry after being inspired by her best friend at the age of 12, and that motivated her to find her true love of writing. Kelli continued her education at DeVry University studying Forensic Science and South Suburban College for Nursing, completing both, as she has always had the desire to help others, however, she realized that she was not truly following her passion. In 2014, Ms. Webb started her career in the entertainment industry as a model and actor, which is where she fell back in love with the position of being behind the scenes in the industry. In 2015, Ms. Webb launched her company Dyamond Enterprises, in 2016 she became a contributing journalist for Sheen Magazine and finally as of February 1, 2018, officially launching Dyamond Events, which is an extension to Dyamond Enterprises. Just having the desire of being successful in business, is not her on mission, but the desire to begin her 501( c )3 dedicated to women, women with children, as well as young minority men and families in general in her next goal that she is determined to achieve and will be accomplished very soon.

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