Miami, Fl – MJ Radford has long used her talents to help others in law, business, and her community. With the release of her first book, MJ is expanding her reach far and wide.

Mind(in)g Me: Overcoming Mental Trials & Reclaiming Positive Self Image to Revive Inner Power, one of the most anticipated memoirs of the year, is expected to hit the shelves in late Spring of 2023. The book, told through a first-person viewpoint for the world to see, shows a journey from self-hatred to self-love, highlighting the value of knowing one’s self, perseverance, faith, and the journey of enriching life from the inside out.

“I want this book to aid in giving someone the tools and consciousness to get out of their own way,” states Radford.

Mind(in)g Me elicits laughter and tears as each chapter explores topics such as imposter syndrome, self-image, and overcoming adversity, with a particular emphasis on mental health issues. Radford’s poignant retellings inspire readers to take action to evaluate and place importance on their own mental well-being.

As a mother, wife, attorney, and entrepreneur, Radford draws upon personal experiences to allow readers to explore various angles of their self and personality. Radford’s insightful anecdotes give readers the tools they need to cultivate their happiness and embark on their journey of self-improvement.

Future plans for Radford include a book tour summer of 2023, speaking engagements, and growing her personal practice. Radford hopes to reach as many readers as possible and continue growing her literary influence with more books in the coming years.

Article By: Krystle Coleman

Photo Credits: Tiber Hudson