“What the Grammys are to music, I want The Beauty & Barber Bosses Awards to be to the world of Beauty.”— Tiffané Nicol, CEO of Mobb Style University.


Celebrity Makeup Artist and Founder of The Beauty and Barber Bosses Awards, Tiffané Nicol aims to obliterate the narrative that professionals in the Beauty and Barber industry are “just a stylist or artist.” The BBB Awards represent the voices of hairstylists, makeup artists, barbers, and more beauty industry professionals.


Nicol is aware that these professionals contribute to celebrities’ and public figures’ overall brand and admirable looks. She has thrived in the industry for 13 years and is the CEO of her own HBCU Beauty School, Style Mobb University. She believes that it’s time for leaders in the industry to get their flowers. “Our passion and hard work can sometimes go unnoticed and unappreciated, but it is that very same passion and hard work that adds to a person’s confidence, storytelling, even down to a mood.”

The BBB Awards was created to showcase well-deserved appreciation to professionals in the industry, as they consistently put in innumerable hours of work to develop iconic looks. “We are artists who dedicate our time and craft to our clients. We are, in most cases, pillars in communities, almost like churches and therapists. We sacrifice a whole lot,” said Tiffané Nicol, the Founder of The BBB Awards. “I remember being pregnant in my last months still spending hours doing hair. So many times, my hands and feet were swollen. But that’s how passionate I am; we care about our craft and clients. So, I wanted to uplift and celebrate the Beauty and Barber industry for that very reason.”


The first annual Beauty and Barber Bosses Awards and Scholarship Show will honor and celebrate hair and beauty professionals with a show full of entertainment, performances, and guest engagement. Some of the biggest names in Beauty, Music, and Lip Sync Performance will be in attendance, including Love and Hip Hop ATL’s DJ Che Mack with the red-carpet kickoff at 6 pm est at The Hilton Atlanta on Jan. 30. Host, Celebrity Hairstylist, and Musical Artist Cliff Vmir will also give a memorable performance. In addition, in honor of Madam CJ Walker, Nicol will also give one candidate a Beauty Boss scholarship up to $5,000 to attend SMU.


To learn more about The Beauty and Barber Bosses Awards, visit their website.

To learn more about Style Mobb University visit their website.


Images courtesy of Cam Killer