Binge watching a television show on a streaming service requires time, patience, and research to make sure the show is a good fit for you. As an individual who has taken the time and consistency to find a quality show, I think I may have found one everyone will LOVE. Coming from an extremely picky person, this is huge for me to deem anything worthy of this honor.

Grace and Frankie has been on for six seasons and while the show’s theme of the two divas flourishing well past their mid age, it’s refreshing and enlightening. If you don’t believe me, give me a moment to make my case.

  • It’s a Refreshing Reminder That We’re All Human

Given their circumstances, both Grace and Frankie are forced to alter their entire lives during the latter years of their life. It’s a witty, humorous, and touching moment for the duo that creates the landscape of the show. Sparking an unexpected and very comical friendship.

  • Can we talk about living your life to the fullest?!

About 50% percent of the characters are 70 plus but that doesn’t stop them from *dipping and doing* (in my best Auntie Wendy voice) any and everything they want to do! Love lives, recreational activities (references to smoking pot, constantly drinking, and tons of sexual innuendos), starting businesses… nothing has stopped their flow! It reminds us all that age is only a number.

  • Quality of the Binge Watching

Each episode of Grace and Frankie flows into the next, which makes it so addictive. At times I found myself only realizing how far I had gotten into the series by Netflix asking me if I was still watching (rolls eyes)… which by the way, I definitely am. The storyline picks back up each episode, the same as it does each series.  

  • There’s Definitely Diversity in the Show

Although the central focus of is on Grace and Frankie, they have representation of all kinds surrounding them. From matters of the LGBTQ+, to racism, ageism, and infidelity, it’s all targeted in one show!

So find your favorite snacks, cuddle up with a blanket or a boo, and get ready to be intrigued by at least 25 minutes an episode of pure originality. Oh, and don’t forget to let me know if I was right!

Featured Image obtained on IMDB