Get ready to strut your stuff because NewWorks Theatre is about to drop a bombshell with “Respect My Shoes,” a sassy masterpiece penned by the one and only Phoenix Bell, with a splash of brilliance from co-writer and director extraordinaire, Joel P.E. King (JPEK). In addition to the creative genius of Bell and King, we are thrilled to announce Drea Kelly as a co-producer, bringing her unparalleled expertise and vision to elevate this production to even greater heights. We’re unleashing this powerhouse production at The Warehouse (620 Kentucky St Scottdale, GA 30312) for two weekends of pure magic on April 26th – April 28th and May 3rd – May 5th.

“Respect My Shoes” isn’t just your average drama—it’s a fierce, witty, and oh-so-inspiring journey delving into the lives of badass women from all walks of life starring Drea Kelly(Cheating in the Next Room, Keys to the City, and Surviving R.Kelly), Tarra Warren (Guardians of the Galaxy, Lovecraft Country and, Fatal Attraction), Randi O (Shadow Dance, A Christmas Carol and, All The Queens Men), Kelsey South(The Real Housewives of Marietta – Musical, Disenchanted and, Sister Amnesia’s Nunsense Jamboree), and Tommye Campbell (Tin Can Promises, We Out Here and, Stand Your Ground). These ladies don’t just navigate obstacles; they stomp over them in style, proving they’re more than their setbacks. Every monologue in “Respect My Shoes” will hit home for every woman in the audience. Think “For Colored Girls” meets “The Vagina Monologues,” but with a 2024 twist, that’s as fresh as a new pair of stilettos.

Our fearless writer, Phoenix Bell, hails from University City, MO, and she’s been slaying the game since the age of 13 when she first dipped her toes into Maya Angelou’s world. “Respect My Shoes” has already rocked stages in St. Louis and Chicago, and now it’s Atlanta’s turn to feel the heat.

Joel P.E. King, the visionary behind NewWorks Theatre, is bringing his A-game to Atlanta, and “Respect My Shoes” is just the beginning. With a theme like “Theatre for the Soul” get ready for a year of groundbreaking performances that will leave you shook.

But don’t just take our word for it—here’s what Phoenix Bell and Joel P.E. King have to say:

“I inhale confidence and exhale fear. Every woman’s breast is her glory,” says Phoenix Bell, the mastermind behind “Respect My Shoes.”

And according to Joel P.E. King, “Every girl has a voice, but it takes being a woman to make them hear you. ‘Respect My Shoes’ is a literary journey of womanhood. It not only makes me a better man but a better human being.”


So mark your calendars, grab your fiercest heels, and join us for “Respect My Shoes”.

Show Details:

Dates: April 26th through April 28th and May 3rd through May 5th

Showtimes: 3 p.m. & 8 p.m.

Location: The Warehouse – 620 Kentucky St., Scottdale, GA 30312

Ticket price: $30.00

Tickets are hotter than a pair of red-bottom heels, so snag yours now before they’re gone! Online purchases are available here. Let’s make history together, one fabulous step at a time.


About NewWorks Theatre:

Newworks Theatre, where creativity meets consciousness on stage. Established in 2023 in the heart of Atlanta, we are a trailblazing multi-cultural theatre company committed to presenting thought-provoking, socially conscious content and establishing a national reputation for artistic excellence. Led by visionary Joel P.E. King, we’re here to shake up the theatre scene and leave audiences begging for more. Get ready for a revolution—because at NewWorks Theatre, the show is just getting started.


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