Finding Love in Adversity: The Story of Love White founder of Love & Snow 

Adversity is unavoidable, something we all must face one way or another. Sometimes it’s the naysayers, the doubters we […]

EVENT RECAP: Bronner Brothers 2019

Over the weekend, the Nation’sLargest & Best Multi-Cultural Beauty Show took place! We’re talking about the Bronner Brothers International […]

How to Compete in a Pageant with Natural Hair

If you have ever competed in a pageant, then you know there is much more it than the glitz […]

All the Best Hair Oils For Your Specific Hair Type

If soft, shiny hair is something you’ve always wanted in life then you’ve come to the right feature!

The thought […]

CurlMix Founders, Kim & Tim Lewis Discuss Their Brand, Experience on Shark Tank, & Why They Were Confident Enough in Their Brand to Turn Down an Offer!

CurlMix founders, Kim + Tim Lewis, are the definition of goals! Why? Because this game-changing husband/wife duo has built […]

CEO of “The Curl Refinery,” Vanessa Lorraine Speaks on How She Turned a $100 Investment into Millions within a Year!

Vanessa Lorraine has always found herself navigating territory where she was an outsider, breaking down the barriers of entry […]

The Best Leave-In Conditioners for Your Hair

Not only can hot tools damage your hair but did you know that just the summer heat itself can […]

Celebrity Barber Travis Myers Shares Success Story, Funny Moments in The Barbers’ Chair, & Tips for Men on How to Achieve that Desired Beard!

Travis Myers is a master barber who has been cutting hair for fifteen years and counting. From the moment […]

Inhaling & Exhaling Natural Beauty at CurlFest NY

Sunflowers, golden bronzed skin, maxi dresses, and Afros.  What more does a clack girl need?
Oh yes, CurlFest!  The festival […]

In Full Bloom: CurlFest Hair & Beauty Moments

Once a year, thousands of natural hair enthusiasts gather to celebrate their roots—quite literally—for Curl Fest, only the most […]

Protect Your Hair From Hot Tools & The Summer Heat with These Life-Changing Thermal Protectants

As if it wasn’t hot already, we’re still applying heat on our hair (shrugs). We’ve heard it time and […]

Best of Beauty: Five Leave-In Conditioners That Will Revive Your Hair

Leave-in-conditioner is literally a gift sent from heaven. It is great for natural hair, colored hair, and can revive […]

Meet The Queen of Hair Care

Meet Dr. Isfahan Chambers Harris, who earned a bachelor of science degree in biology and a Ph.D. in biomedical […]

July/August 2019 – Hair Editorial

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